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Spontaneous Stiffies Suddenly Scarce

Unexpected erections are not the same as undesired ones, but this guy has lost both in his quest for a larger penis through injections. What happened? And more importantly, how can he fix it? Read on and find out!

Case #: 1118


I have lost my spontaneous erections. They are long gone. I am not convinced these erection enhancement injections have done some damage to my penis and I am very angry with myself that I did not investigate before trying this. I have read some of the similar stories and hope you can help me to regain my erections. What do you think I should use to regain it?


The desire for a larger penis is an ancient part of human culture, and anthropological studies have found evidence associating a larger penis with great strength, stamina, hunting prowess and even magical powers.

Injections For Erections?

In the modern age, men no longer have to travel into the wilds searching for a shaman's cave or a hoodoo-woman's shack; instead, they can choose from several very clean and sterile clinics or hospitals usually within easy driving distance of home. And instead of drinking strange fluids or consuming mysterious organs harvested from hard-to-name creatures, men can take injections with chemicals like mineral oil, collagen and silicone.

The only trouble is that injecting many of these substances directly into your penis is even more ill-advised than women injecting them into their breasts. Breasts are supposed to remain the same shape and volume at all times, whereas a permanent erection can cause considerable inconvenience.

How Erections Work

Normal and natural erections are the result of a cascading series of hormonal and biological events that cause blood to saturate spongy tissues inside your penis. Hormonal signals trigger the production of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels in those tissues. As long as your tissues can handle the pressure, and the valves containing the blood can stay closed, your erection can usually last for quite some time. You have plenty of time to bring your partner pleasure before you bring yourself to orgasm.

Undermining The Erection

An injection of foreign material into your penis is very similar to putting thick rubbery stuff into your car's tires. The result may leave you with full-looking tires, but they won't ride as comfortably. While the companies and clinics offering injections have hopefully done some research on finding substances that will not cause permanent damage, there is still significant risk due to the substances themselves or the skill of the individual performing the procedure or both.

A mis-targeted needle might damage your corpus spongiosum (making ejaculations and urination difficult) or your corpus cavernosum (making erections painful or disfigured or both), making injections more and more necessary for you to achieve an erection at all.

Repairing The Damage

Without more detailed information about the status of your penis, our strongest recommendation is to get to a health-care provider as quickly as possible for an examination. It is possible that your injections have simply made it difficult for your body to get enough blood into your penis to support an erection, which is the defining characteristic of erectile dysfunction. (SEE: Maca-Herbal Supplement for Erection Restoration) If that is the case, we can recommend that you consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to improve blood circulation to your penis.

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