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Lost Bounty – Excessive Masturbation and its Side-Effects

This young man should be in his sexual prime since he’s only in his 20s, but due to his habitual and obsessive masturbatory practices, all he’s left with is a host of unwanted issues, including hair loss, back pain, and thinning hair. Is there help?

Case #: 722


I am now experiencing the long term effects of over-masturbation. My penis was once up to 7.5 to 8 inches. It has shrunk incredibly small. I masturbate very often and have been for over 15 years. My sex life was great at one point and now it has started turning for the worst. I have problems staying erect and I cum very quick; this is very unusual to me. I am addicted to porn and that is what drives me to masturbate. I love women, but I am remaining faithful to my girlfriend of six years.

Although our sex has been great, I feel the urge to be with more women. With such a resistance, I substitute my urges to sleep with other women by masturbating. I do it very often, sometimes 3 times a day. It has resulted into hair loss in my mid 20's, but I thought that it was genetic until I found out the fact that most of the men in my family aren’t bald. I do experience blurry visions, lower back pains, and hypertension.

I used to go in rages when my girlfriend did not want to have sex, and I would masturbate soon after just for relief. I have abused myself over the years. It has dramatically shrunk to an unbelievable size that really discomforts me. I need help. I need help very bad. What can I do before my whole sex life is ruined? I was in denial of my over-masturbation. Maybe it is a combination of both. Can you help me, please?


Imagine walking through an unimaginably beautiful valley, full of wildlife in a healthy ecosphere, lush plant life abundant with fruits and vegetables, and a vibrant gushing stream teaming with fish.

As you stroll through it, you feel a cool breeze brush against your face and through your full head of hair. Life is good. Now, let us imagine that suddenly, a poisonous low hanging cloud of smog moves in, obscuring the sunlight and showering your valley with toxic fluids instead of natural rainfall.

Since sunlight and proper moisture can’t reach the plants, they begin to droop and wither. And the animals grow sickly from eating poisonous plants and fish; the stream has been reduced to a trickle. The entire ecosphere is thrown off, and your valley grows dark, stagnant, and broken. Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

Porn is a common way for men to kick things off during self-sexy time. Unfortunately, too much of it can desensitize you to sexual activity since the thrill factor has been overused and is no longer fun, but is more of a habitual act. And the stresses in your love life have only compounded your reliance on masturbation as a go-to thing for relief.

Excessive masturbation has resulted in the build-up of chemicals which can be harmful to your body in overabundance, such as DHT. It can also lead to your penile chambers being clogged with fatty particles known as plaque, preventing a proper blood flow from engorging them for hard erections.

The DHT can be thought of as the smog that is raining down toxic chemicals onto your head and attacking your hair follicles (DHT), and the plaque can be looked at as the plaque that has jammed up your once healthy river (blood flow). Your entire ecosystem (hormonal levels) have been thrown way off. Not good.

Returning to Lushness

First, you’ve got to be disciplined about really wanting to affect positive change and break this destructive cycle. Talk to your girlfriend and tell her you’re going to take a 3 week break from any sort of sexual activity, including masturbation. This will allow your body’s systems to start to rejuvenate and recover. Since you’ve been masturbating too frequently with inadequate rest, your body hasn’t been able to replenish all of its sexual hormones and your neurotransmitters are tiny little sparks instead of once powerful currents.

Taking powerful healing herbs [FORMULATED: botanical concoction for penile tissue gorwth] are a great way to really accelerate your healing process. They can promote blood circulation to your scalp, and alleviate DHT buildup, helping to restore your hair follicles, as well as enhance your liver function, further detoxifying your body and getting rid of those back pains.

An increased blood flow will see an erosion of all of that plaque build-up, resulting in those full erections again. Pretty soon, you’ll also be seeing more clearly, since these holistic remedies also repair damaged nerve and muscle fibers around the irises, allowing you to see once again how your valley is once again returning to a healthy and thriving place.

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