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Let Herbal Acne Treatment Polish Up The Window To Your Soul

Many of us have been through the dreaded curse of the red spot. Acne is the one painful part of life that can increase embarrassment and deplete self esteem in one, well choreographed swoop. I know from many awkward years of experience, that many of the Chemical based creams, gels, and toners out there don't really do all the things they promise.

Some of them have actually been known to make things worse. So what are we to do? How can we achieve clean, healthy looking skin without peeling off the first few layers of epidermis?
Harmful Pleasure
To better understand how to attack the acne, it is important to understand why we might have it in the first place. During puberty our hormones begin to fluctuate like never before. Our bodies are changing and our sexuality is running wild.

It's unfortunate, but long-term abuse of masturbation can cause an androgen hormone imbalance, which could cause the sebaceous glands to over produce sebum. Statistics have shown that sex hormone imbalance and facial blemishes are closely linked. 
A Natural Approach
Though puberty is one of the leading causes of acne, you could also be breaking out for a number of other reasons. Your skin could react this way because of stress, diet, or a new environment. A good tip to remember is that stressed hormones, and cortisol levels are the base root of all skin outbreaks. If, for example you are experiencing an outbreak caused by excessive stress hermones from sexual exhaustion, a good acne herbal treatment with safflower would be what to look for.

Safflower is well known in the herbal community for its  increase in blood circulation and skin repair. It contains rich amounts of anxiety reducing acids linoleic  and linolenic. Salvia is also a great herb for dilating blood vessels and increasing coronary circulation.
The Window To Your Soul

Your face is the very first impression you give of yourself. Even people who've achieved the highest levels of education will establish their impression of you based on your physical appearance. It's not fun to walk this Earth as an insecure jumble of nerves, waiting for someone to make fun of your acne.

Being a teenager is already hard enough. But, if we begin to take the steps of natural skin care treatment early in life, we have a better chance of sustaining healthy skin that only blemishes once in a blue moon.

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