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Heavy, White and in Plain Sight: She Experiences Thick Discharge after Orgasm

She has lately noticed a heavy white discharge on her vibrator and boyfriend’s penis after orgasm. She questions if this is normal because she knows most women have watery discharge. What she doesn’t know is that a hormonal imbalance may be the reason for her embarrassing discomfort.

Case #: 1574


When I am having fun with my vibrator and have an orgasm, I take it out and notice it usually has a white discharge around the lip of the vibrator. It is the only time I seem to notice it, and it only started a few nights ago. When I have sex with my boyfriend and he withdraws from me, he also has that white discharge on his penis, and it is even thicker. Is this a normal discharge? I read that some people say it is more watery, but mine is thick, almost like a man’s semen. Thank you for any advice.


Discharge is the body’s way of keeping house. It expels dead tissues, toxins and bacteria from the vagina to prevent infection and minimize the growth of harmful bacteria. Fluid levels naturally increase at certain times of the month and during sexual arousal. At other times they appear minimal and largely escape unnoticed.

Even as the amount of discharge varies, so too does its consistency and color. Clear and/or milky-white fluids that range from stretchy to thin to medium-thick are perfectly normal. Thick and heavy discharge accompanied by burning, itching or odor suggests infection. Because you lack most of these symptoms, a hormonal imbalance most likely explains your discharge.

All You Need to Know about Hormones

Much of the body’s processes are controlled by hormones, chemicals produced by glands and released into the bloodstream to be carried where the body needs them. Of these hormones, estrogen and progesterone are especially crucial to the female reproductive system. Before ovulation, both increase significantly to prepare the body for pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, their levels rapidly drop to prompt menstrual bleeding.

Estrogen performs numerous tasks in the body, including the oversight of vaginal health. Within this broad range of tasks falls the regulation of discharge. This relationship explains why vaginal fluids become more abundant during ovulation, the time when estrogen also increases.

Additional hormones known as prostaglandins impact nearly every organ and tissue in the body. Unlike estrogen and progesterone, the body produces prostaglandins directly at the location where needed. They seem to be particularly abundant in the female reproductive system because they influence ovulation, endocrine functions and maintenance of fertilized embryos.

Prostaglandins and the Uterus

Prostaglandins also help heal damaged tissues and facilitate smooth muscle contractions - especially with regard to the uterus. This point is noteworthy because many women experience uterine contractions during orgasm. In addition, some women ejaculate at the point of climax. It sounds like you are a woman who does both, and you likely have concentrated amounts of prostaglandins in your body.

It is no secret that some women have higher levels of prostaglandins than others. Many of the symptoms associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) can be explained by prostaglandins, which also explains why some women – but not all – are plagued by severe cramps.

Researchers have discovered that prostaglandin levels peak in women at times of ovulation as well as menstruation. This suggests any fluctuation in estrogen can activate the body’s production of prostaglandins. Estrogen levels surge throughout intercourse and masturbation, thereby activating the release of prostaglandins. In turn, you produce more fluid that is expelled from the body with uterine contractions during orgasm.

Put an End to the Embarrassment

We understand that vaginal discharge can be embarrassing, especially if it coats your boyfriend’s penis after sex. There’s nothing wrong with this per se, but you should feel completely comfortable with your body and sexuality. That’s why we recommend a regeneration and detoxification formula designed to regulate hormone levels. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Relief) Controlling the amount of prostaglandins in your body will reduce vaginal discharge without sacrificing sexual pleasure.

You can protect vaginal health by taking additional measures that seem small but yield big results. Wear cotton underwear to avoid infection, and always change immediately out of wet clothing and/or bathing suits. Skip douching and clean simply with warm water and gentle soap. If you shave your genitals, make sure you use a clean razor each time – shaving actually increases your risk of developing infection and skin irritation.

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