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How to Increase Sex Drive Using Essential Oils Aromatherapy?

Lately I’ve found myself uninterested in sex with my husband... my lack of sexual desire is starting to have a negative impact on my marriage

Case #: 458


Lately I’ve found myself uninterested in sex with my husband. I am still in love with him and we have a great marriage, I just don’t have the sex drive I used to. Sometimes I sleep with him anyway and then feel guilty because I’m not into it and want to hurry up and finish, which then I feel even worse; and it’s not him, he’s amazing. I’m worried my lack of sexual desire is starting to have a negative impact on my marriage. I don’t want to take prescription drugs so what are my options?


More and more often, couples are finding themselves sexually dissatisfied. We’re pressured to perform under tight deadlines with the expectation of achieving that ultimate orgasm every time.

Most couples, especially working parents, have little spare time between work, kids, social events, and personal endeavors, and when you do find that rare 20 minutes, 40 if you’re lucky, it’s hard keeping that To-Do list off your brain.

You’re in the bedroom, passionately trying to keep up, but exhausted. You’re trying to get yourself “there” but you keep imagining that busy day ahead of you. You need sleep! “How much longer is this going to take?” you ask yourself. “If we finish now I’ll get 5 hours…” Now you’re rushing, stressed to complete yet another deadline. You’ve forgotten why you’re there in the first place; to spend intimate time with your loved one; to achieve orgasmic pleasure; to enjoy yourself in your lover’s arms. Does that sound familiar?

The Sexual Reaction

You are so stressed about everything else in your life, you can’t relax and enjoy the moment, even for a moment. Thousands of couples go through this every day. They let their lives become more complicated than they need to be. In turn, they seek complicated solutions, while the root of the cause is not complicated at all. For one or more of various reasons, you are stressed. Depression, fatigue and exhaustion, anger, as well as anxiety and panic attacks are all common symptoms of stress, and for each of these there is an aromatic solution.

The Solution

For depression, Frankincense, Lavender or Rose oil could eliminate the symptom, relieve stress, and ultimately increasing your sex drive. Smell receptors in the nose send chemical messages along nerve pathways to the brain’s limbic system. The limbic system affects moods and emotions. For a list of aromatic oils according to your stress symptom, click here.

For best results, use pure oils and try the oils separately for 1-3 weeks to compare results. If you apply the oil to bath water or to your skin and develop an irritation, you may be allergic and should stop using that specific oil. After you’ve tried oils independently without a negative reaction, it is then fine to start combining oils to see what work best for you.

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