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A Lifetime of Bad Hair Days–When Masturbation Becomes Toxic

At only 18 years old,he began to experience hair loss,lower back pain and premature ejaculation.The problem?Over-masturbation.See his cautionary tale,and learn why excess masturbation is a very big deal.



I am having hair loss and I am only 18.I get massive back pains when I’m done and can’t workout on my lower back.I am really prone to injury and don't really have a good memory.I think this is all due to over masturbation.I started masturbating at 10 and now I am 18 years old.I have been masturbating for 8 long years.When I watch porn I ejaculate within 1 minute and even faster when I use some good lube.

I have tried to stop but I can't.I don't see myself ever recovering from this.If I were to stop for 6 months will the symptoms go away?I am really slow all around,I feel like a snail.I have been having a lot of trouble understanding everything lately.Please help me.


Addictive masturbation is no laughing matter.Not only is it typically characteristic of a deeper emotional issue,but the problem can manifest itself in a variety of physical ways.From lower back pain to memory loss to thinning hair,it has the ability to break down some of your most essential bodily functions and processes one by one,leaving you feeling like a 70-year-old in an 18-year-old's body.There are herbal remedies that can help to reverse many of these symptoms(I'll discuss those momentarily),but in order to see results,you're going to need to take control of the addiction first and foremost.

Cause and Effect–The Dangers of Masturbation Addiction

As preteens,most of us fell victim to a widespread but dangerous myth.We came to the understanding that masturbation,no matter how frequent and compulsive,is perfectly safe.This is because have all been failed by our sex-ed teachers.They spend so much time regaling us with horror stories about sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy that we naturally come to the conclusion that masturbation is the perfect,foolproof alternative.We can masturbate day and night until our penises start to look like shriveled red peppers,and we'll never catch a disease or get anyone pregnant.It's almost too perfect.

Unfortunately,our teachers never told us the whole story.It's true that masturbation won't give us STDs(how many cheating husbands have tried using that excuse on their wives?),but there are other side effects that we seldom discuss.For instance,over-masturbation depletes semen,which contains components essential to muscles,joints and nerves.In addition,over-masturbation contributes to a high production of inflammatory hormones like DHT(linked to hair loss and prostate inflammation)and prostaglandin E-2.It constricts blood circulation and causes us to deplete essential neurotransmitters like serotonin,dopamine and GABA.The list goes on.Yes,chronic masturbation is the most dangerous affliction you've never heard of.But now on to the good news.

Reversing the Damage,Restoring your Youth

Step 1,as you already guessed,is to get the chronic masturbation under control.Speak to a professional counselor if you must.These problems are seldom just physical.You can bet that there is some underlying emotional issue causing you to act out in this way.Also,since you began masturbating at such a young age,this creates unique challenges that a professional can help you to address.Finally,I would recommend an herbal remedy formulated for sexual exhaustion and dysfunction.(TRY:Sexual Exhaustion&Dysfunction Herbal Formula)Herbs like Ashwagandha,Fo-Ti,Gingko and Rehmannia can help to restore important hormones while suppressing the inflammatory hormones.

So be kind to your penis,and before long,you should begin to feel your own age again.

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Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion&Dysfunction

Sexual exhaustion caused by over masturbation or ejaculation resulted in devastating effect of chronic overexposure of cortisol.Prolonged cortisol elevations result in suppression of immune system,sustained elevations of blood sugar,substantial...

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