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Wizard Whackin’ and Painful Jackin’ – Lighting Your Prostrate On Fire

This case study investigates the cause and effect of over masturbation; a man has been playing with Mr. Happy a little too much and is now experiencing pain and discomfort. What is the solution? Read on to find out...

Case #: 1109


I have had pain urinating and after orgasm for years. The pain usually is there at the beginning of urination and then stings afterwards for a while. After orgasm it stings extremely badly for up to 10 minutes. I have seen many doctors who all want to probe but in the end give me at the most antibiotics. What can I do to help me?


A few years back I was hanging out with a friend and we had a couple of drinks since it was the day after his birthday (a great excuse for him to drink!). I only had one beer because I don’t drink a lot, but he got pretty loaded, knocking back beer after beer and shot after shot. I’m sure we all know of someone like that, right?

Drunken Master

Inevitably, my buddy and I left the fine establishment and went back to his apartment because he was suddenly overcome with the desire to make one of his favorite dishes: grilled cheese sandwiches (don’t ask). I settled in with a couple of his roommates and we talked about normal guy stuff for a while. As we watched TV and chatted, I started noticing a peculiar acrid smell and saw a thin layer of smoke near the ceiling; it was emanating from the kitchen where ‘ol drunken birthday boy was putting on one of his best Top Chef impressions. We all rushed to the kitchen and found not grilled sandwiches but well toasted embers on top of a flaming stove. Birthday boy was nowhere to be found (we later discovered him passed out in his room) and in order to put out the little raging inferno we had to grab the extinguisher and get to sprayin’. We didn’t let him get over that mishap for quite some time; in fact we still give him grief over such a silly and stupid mistake.

Similarly, your grilled cheese sandwich (prostate) has caught on fire due to excessive use. Because you have been ejaculating too much, you have caused a hormone that is normally used to smooth out and relax muscles, prostaglandin E-2, to inflame your prostate and cause prostatis.

This also is the cause of your painful urinations and ejaculations, and because you have exhausted your prostaglandin E-1 levels, it can’t heal properly. In addition to this, your over masturbation is leading to elevated cortisol and DHT levels, which is like pouring gasoline on your fire, further raising the temperature in your kitchen and darn-near vaporizing your poor little sandwiches/prostate. How are you ever to get out of this vicious cycle you ask?

Putting Out the Flames, Naturally

Don’t freak out but you should immediately cease all sexual activity for a few weeks; this includes of course masturbation.

Investing in some adaptogenic healing formulas can accelerate your healing process and get you back on the road to health. (TRY: Prostate Exhaustion Recovery Formula) They greatly aid in repairing your vesicular glands, re-regulate your DHT and cortisol levels, and reduce the amount of prostaglandin E-2 raging throughout your reproductive system. Meanwhile, they can help to elevate the prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 within your prostate and put out your fires once and for all. These factors combined can eradicate the inflammation and soreness that you’re experienced and lead you back to a healthy sex life; and you don’t even have to touch a flame extinguisher; just some all natural healing herbs.

What to do

Exhaustion Recovery For Your Prostate

This formula is especially designed to integrate many adaptogenic herbs that are beneficial to prostate glands. It also promotes the liver, kidney, and gallbladder functions that enhance detoxification and recovery from damages caused by stress..

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