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“Where Did My Boner Go?” – Whacking the Wizard Leads to Penis Shrinkage

This case study involves a young man who has been playing with himself a little too much and is now experiencing a reduction in penile strength. How can he bounce back to the days when he had a larger package?

Case #: 1270


I had problems a while ago with my penile strength due to over-masturbation. I was wondering what you would suggest to actually increase my penis size/strength? I'm 19, very active and in good physical shape. Thanks.


Maybe you’re stressed out at work or have a crappy boss that steps on your neck every day at the office. Or perhaps you forgot to pay your electric bill and the power shuts off right when you’re planning a party. Behind on your mortgage? Pissed at a rent increase? Your lover dumps you? Receive some bad grades?
Case Study Highlights

Summary: One man feels stressed so he masturbates. Now his constant desire to masturbate has lead to penis shrinkage and stunned penis enlargement. If you notice your body unable to achieve enlargement, read below. For additional help on enlargement and quitting masturbation, leave your comment for the experts below.

Your Solution: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Helpful Guide: Penis Shrinkage Caused by Over Masturbation

Pop Goes the Wizard

There are numerous reasons for why guys masturbate; stressful situations and events such as described above, or just as a way to have a little fun and fantasize about an attractive woman that you’ve crossed paths with or that you saw in a pornographic video. Part of being “active and in good physical shape” is having a healthy reproductive system, and it is quite natural to “test out the pipes” by masturbating and of course as a result of that; reaching climax and ejaculating. And playing with the wizard has actual health benefits such as preventing unwanted problems such as a nasty yeast infection.

Unfortunately, sometimes men can become addicted to whacking off and it can almost begin to seem like a part-time job. When you start to fall into the over masturbation zone, your mind can keep telling you that you’re doing is something that is good for you; meanwhile your body is crying out for a break and isn’t being listened to.
This can lead to a build-up of fatty deposits (plaque) within your penis that interfere with the flow of blood that normally engorges your penis when you are getting ready for a little naughty time. After a while, your penis size can be negatively impacted by this loss of blood circulation which is necessary for those rock hard erections. So how do you get back to the old sexual beast you used to be?

rom Hardly Hard to the Big Man on Campus

Try taking Mr. Happy on a little extended vacation (no sexual activity including masturbation) and give your body a break. This will allow your body to rejuvenate its resources and repair itself.

While you’re doing this you might consider taking an herbal supplement. (SEE: Penis Chamber Enlargement & Growth) The special properties contained in these mixtures can promote growth factors such as testosterone, HGH, and nitric oxide which enable your penile blood chambers to expand. An added benefit is that not only will your penis engorge with more blood for larger erections that last longer, but over time you can eventually experience an overall increase in your penis size.

So invest in yourself and get back to having those bulging boners that you used to be able to produce…in a wholistic, all-natural way.

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Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

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