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Super-size Me/Shrink-wrap Me

In this interesting case study we find a couple that has a dual issue; his penis has lost some of its size, and her vagina has lost some of its tightness. How can they overcome these mutually detrimental issues?

Case #: 884


I have been married to my wife for 6 years. I have a below average penis size and she has above average vagina size, there is a lot of times that I cannot feel her when we make love, but she does not complain. Is there anything to be done to make our love making sensations better?

I am 38 and a little out of shape; I feel that my weak erection is a problem also. But the erections don’t seem to be as strong as they used to be, but I have always been very self conscious concerning my size, especially the girth. I have had other women that the sensation and sex has been fantastic, but with my wife it is not as good. She also knows that her vaginal muscles are looser than normal. I guess that we are just not good sexual companions, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I recently talked to a female friend of mine that and somehow we got on to the subject of how important sex is in a relationship. She was telling me that with her current boyfriend wasn't as sexually capable due to the fact that he had a low sex drive and he wasn't that well-endowed (small penis). I asked her if her prior ex was more fun and she exclaimed that although he was more sexually exciting and had a larger package that it didn't matter. I said “Sure...right,” sarcastically and we ended the conversation.


Later, I happened upon the truth; while talking to a mutual female friend of ours, she revealed to me that the same woman that had told me that exciting sex and penis size wasn't important was a little tipsy and had told her that her current boyfriend just wasn't cutting it in the sack. She'd even compared him to her previous ex and said that he was much better, adding that she often fantasized about him.

Let's face it; in most cases sex is an important factor in a relationship. In your case you have a double-whammy of incompatibility, or at least an unfulfilling mutual size issue.

For women, the soft tissue surrounding the vagina functions as a neuroendocrine receptor. Upon arousal the brains fires neurons down delicate neural pathways to this reception area, which in turn releases hormones crucial for vaginal lubrication and tightness. If this tissue becomes damaged or starts to wear out (child births, age, hormonal imbalances) the neurons cannot trigger the hormonal release, resulting in looseness.

As far as your penis size issue, you've entered middle-age and are now experiencing a build-up of plaque deposits which are clogging up your interconnected blood chambers, and over time this can cause a reduction in penis size.

Sounds like ideally what you'd like to do is turn your carrot into a cucumber and have her large plastic veggie bag turn into shrink-wrap. So how do we attain this more favorable pairing?

Time to Re-size

Break some good news to her by suggesting a restorative botanical supplement.

These natural herbs can not only re-balance her hormonal levels, but also boost her HGH and DHEA levels, leading to more control over her urethral-vaginal tissues; increasing her vaginal tightness over time. They can increase her pool of neurotransmitters as well, and thereby rejuvenate the tissues surrounding her vagina.

For you there's good news as well because there are also herbal mixtures and techniques available that can increase the amount of testosterone and HGH that flood into your penile chambers while also dissolving the plaque build-up leading into them. (TRY: Herbal Nourishing and Massage for Bigger Penis) They can also repair the sponge-like tissues within these chambers (Corpus Spongiosum) enabling them to soak up and retain more blood for harder erections, and over time; increasing your penis size.

So experience mutual pleasure like you never have before and embark on a natural enhancement process that will have you ordering take-out food for weeks!

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