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Your Penis Isn’t Playdough – Overcoming Injuries Caused by Jelqing

This case study involves a gentleman who has been playing with his penis like it’s Playdough via the infamous jelqing technique. Now he is experiencing numerous pains and is wondering how he can rectify his dire situation. Let’s find out how he can...

Case #: 1554


I did some jelqing exercises on my penis and about a week ago I started to feel some pain ever since. I have been having pain ever since and it feels like I have pulled something or stretched something. I feel it all over my body and especially in the groin area with my testicles and penis. My testicles have been very fragile ever since and they hurt a lot. Did I hurt myself badly? How can I get rid of this pain?


Desperate to find a way to extend his penis length he scoured the internet.

Trauma and Turmoil

As he did so he recalled his last conversation with his now ex-girlfriend:

“Well his was bigger than your, I mean it was…well never mind; you’re still fun,” she’d said to him.

“What? Wait a minute! What do you mean by that? I’m still fun…how can I be if I don’t measure up to your ex-boyfriend?” he retorted.

“It’s just that when you have a larger cock you can hit my g-spot better, but that’s not everything you know; I still love you.”

“What the hell? But I can’t please you like he did?”

After that it had been all downhill, and he had thought back to his other prior relationships. Had his other ex-girlfriends also silently “put-up” with his lack of size? The thought of that both infuriated and demeaned him, but now he would find a way to correct the issue and leave no doubt!

After some reckless searching and not too much fact-checking, he settled on a technique called jelqing. The few comments that he read seemed positive; never mind that they seemed a little too much like advertisements than objective reviews.

Soon he was practicing the technique and there he was; lying on his bed and milking his penis like a cow’s nipple. It felt a little odd, but he figured that it was a small price to pay for entry into the penile big-leagues.

A few days later he started noticing severe pains in his groin area, and bruising started to appear on his penile shaft. What was going on? Was this really happening??

As the above scenario indicates, men can resort to desperate measures in order to gain penis size growth. Unfortunately, potentially dangerous penile exercises such as jelqing involve a lot of tugging and jerking hand motions that your penis isn’t designed to accommodate. This can not only lead to the build-up of penile scar tissue, but also severe tears and ruptures in your penile blood vessels and nerve endings, causing great pain and discomfort. Now it’s time to reverse this cycle of self-abuse.

Easing the Pain

Firstly, it might be wise to cease and desist the abuse that you are inflicting on your poor ol’ penis via those dopy jelqing exercises. You can begin to repair your ravaged member by taking a natural healing remedy. (SEE: Natural Remedy for Penis Damage & Injury Relief) These can help to rejuvenate and revitalize torn penile tissues, as well as fix ruptured blood vessels. In additionally, the special properties contained in these ancient botanicals can promote the production of prostaglandin E-1 and E-3, which naturally alleviate the accumulated prostaglandin E-2 that is inflaming your body and causing it pain.

So invest in yourself and get back on track with a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, and return to a pain-free life.

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