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Why Does Seminal Leaking Keep Me From Having Erections?

Why does little increments of semen come out of my penis when I get aroused? Is it normal? Is that the reason that I can’t get hard for intercourse?

Case #: 26748


Alright, I sent you an e-mail yesterday but I don't think that I clearly explained the problem completely so I just wanted to try it once more. I am 19 years old and haven't had sex yet and my problem is whenever I get aroused or make out with a girl or grind (rubbing close against her) etc. my penis gets semi-hard to hard and a little bit of semen comes out and then it goes soft. Then it seems that when I want it to get hard a little later for intercourse it won't and I have to make up some excuse. Why do little increments of semen come out of my penis when I get aroused?


Generally speaking, a crystal clear fluid coming out your penis is considered “Pre-cum” (lubricant from Cowper's glands), not semen. However, sperm and semen may leak out into the pre-cum by way of your prostate's ejaculation control valve. If this happens, you may feel tired or have a weak erection after. The parasympathetic sexual nerve powers the security of the ejaculation control valve.

A weak parasympathetic prostate nerve will result in semen leakage, weak erection and premature ejaculation. A weak parasympathetic bladder nerve can cause bed-wetting. A weak parasympathetic kidney nerve may elevate blood pressure and reduce kidney functions. A weak parasympathetic heart nerve will elevate heart rate. And a weak parasympathetic liver nerve will slow down the liver's Cytochrome P450 detoxification.

There are a couple factors that could be causing your problem:

1. Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation.
2. Genetic weakness of the parasympathetic function - a kid frequently wetting the bed has likely developed this problem.
3. Excessive testosterone or DHT bonded in the prostate's hormonal receptors, resulting in prostate over-sizing.

You have to keep the parasympathetic nervous system recharged by getting assistance from Seminal & Bladder Control Secret Formulation For Him formula. This formula will help parasympathetic function restores bioenergy into internal organs and their associated parasympathetic nerves to support the organ function. The parasympathetic sexual nerve has two jobs: Securing the ejaculation control valve and actuating erection.

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