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PMS: Pre-Monster Syndrome Drives Me Nuts

Every month you know the familiar moody character you turn into right before your period. Dr. Jekyll turns into Ms. Hyde. You’ve begged, cried, and tried all sorts of methods….and frankly, you are OVER IT. Who wants to be irritated by everything and everyone? That is no way to live. So you are looking to retire this fear-y tale character sooner than later. 
Getting down to the basics of what is going on with your body before your menstrual cycle is called your pre-menstrual time. If you are finding that things are happening to your body during this time, that you are not happy about you could be in the throes of pre-menstrual syndrome, otherwise known as PMS. The balance of estrogen and progesterone is switching it up to get ready for your monthly menses. Simply put, estrogen is a hormone that helps us develop all the great female things we like about ourselves! Estrogen helps with breasts, buttocks, and all the parts we call female. Progesterone is a hormone that helps to ready the uterus for pregnancy.  As the body gets ready to menstruate the natural levels of hormones begin to shift to tell the body that this is the time to shed the uterine lining. 
If you are finding that you are increasingly sensitive to your environment and your loved one and just are not feeling good right before your period, this could be a sign of irritability caused by a hormone imbalance. Particularly you want to look at the estrogen component that is causing the see-saw of your hormones to be off-balance. Estrogen in excess can lead an over-abundance of ‘feeling’ and emotion. It’s ok to feel but feeling unnecessarily cranky and irritated, if you could choose not to then keep reading for more information on how to empower yourself.
As we navigate the waters of estrogen, a few pieces of knowledge float our way. Natural phyto-estrogen for PMS relief is a natural mineral and nutrient rich compound that helps to balance the see-saw effect of hormones going up and down. You want to also take a look at your diet during this time to see which foods you are craving, and which ones make you feel good after you eat. Soy-based products can be very good for supplementing the diet with extra estrogen.
As always, be nice to yourself, and nice to your body. Breathe before reacting. Those two extra seconds can be a very beneficial in keeping the peace between you and anyone else who lives or works with you around this time of the month. Give your body some extra love during this time and reap the benefits of feeling better. Take back your power and turn your situation around.

Good Luck and…. Goodbye Ms. Hyde!!!

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