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The Erect and The Damned: Fixing Your Weak Erections

He cannot maintain an adequate erection during sex, creating a huge problem with his new wife.

Case #: 31110


My husband and I have been married for less than a few weeks. Before we became husband and wife, he was married for 17 years. As he told me, he rarely had sex with his ex-wife. He went months without so much as kissing her. Even when they did have sex, she wanted him to orgasm as fast as possible. Now, his sex life with his previous partner has had ineffectual side effects on our romance. Each time during sex, he manages to gain an erection, but he cannot keep it longer than 5 minutes. I try my best to keep him well stimulated, but all my advances fail. Is it me? Can medication help or? Or can all-natural products be of assistance?


Love is kind. Love is patient---really, really patient. Your husband’s recovery process will take some time, so be patient. His body—and mind—have suffered severe chemical and physical alterations. His mind has become adaptive to ejaculating within a few minutes, while his penile gland has become much more sensitive.

Now, your husband suffers from a common problem: weak erections and premature ejaculations. As his newfound wife, reassure him not to feel ashamed of his problems; most middle-aged men suffer from the same issues. Almost all make a full recovery.

The Mind of a Middle-Age Male
The brains of middle-aged men (and seniors) showcase weaker acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems, which affect the strength and energy of their erections. How? Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitters that controls heart rate and erectile capacity, cannot maintain enough blood to power an erection.

Meanwhile, the parasympathetic nervous system cannot digest the necessary nutrients needed to produce sufficient levels of hormones and neurotransmitters, weakening erections. If your husband engaged in sex or masturbation in high frequency during the early years of his previous marriage, he too may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance caused by sexual exhaustion.

Solving The Problem
First he needs to restore necessary nutrients to power his erection. Taking all-natural supplements (SEE: Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration) will help revitalize the parasympathetic nervous system to digest the necessary nutrients. These products will also provide the body with nutrients need to restore necessary hormone levels. In conjunction with the supplements, he may want to practice some ejaculation control methods to improve his endurance.

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