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Give Him Back His Magic Wand – Penile Numbness and Problems with Climaxing

Here we investigate the case of a loyal girlfriend who is concerned with her man being able to hold back his climaxes a little longer. They barely get going before he shoots his seed and so the only things getting wet are the sheets. How can we help to address this embarrassing issue?

Case #: 1453


My boyfriend seems to be having a problem with the sensitivity of his penis. When we first started dating we told each other about all our secrets and past partners. He had one really dark secret; he told me that with all his previous partners he was never able to experience an orgasm during intercourse with a woman. I thought that I would be the magic behind it all and get him to finally do it but apparently not even I can. When we are having oral sex he says he can barely feel me performing my duties but he can never orgasm. It is weird because when he is masturbating he tells me he is able to orgasm. Does he have a sensitivity problem? Can it be that I am not doing something right or can it be that his penis is damaged?


The potential for a steady relationship can seem like the gateway to Nirvana; the butterflies in your stomach feeling that you get each time you anticipate seeing your prospective partner. Spending time and getting to know them, their personalities, and little idiosyncrasies. Of course there are also those times when the chemistry between you is almost palpable; as if the very airspace between you is alight with a fiery passion that cannot be quenched by anything other than passionate sex.

It’s Not You

Tearing each other’s clothes off and doing the nasty like a couple of rabid, feral, unleashed rabbits can be a glorious thing indeed, as you engage in oral, 69ing, and discover all sorts of kinky positions and movements together. When you find each other’s treasure trove aka thing that makes them orgasm, a whole new world of playful teasing ending in ultimate explosions of convulsions, curling toes, shaky legs, and drenched sheets can signal a new era in your sexual lives; a new benchmark in the realm of love-making that you’ll both never forget.

But what happens when one of the partners has a past which inhibits their ability to perform? In this case, you mentioned that your boyfriend masturbates. This is a clue as to one of the primary causes of inhibited ejaculation, or retarded ejaculation, as well as penis numbness. Sometimes a man can enjoy masturbating so much that he engages in it too often, which blows through his body’s supply of neurochemicals and hormones such as testosterone, serotonin, and DHEA, resulting in sexual exhaustion.

In addition to this, many men can cause damage to their penile nerve endings by playing with themselves a little too rigorously, desensitizing their members. Still others become addicted to porn while over masturbating which can lead to them fixating on the act of masturbation as their sole way of climaxing, and this combined with a sexually exhausted state can cause them to not be as aroused or physically capable of orgasming when it comes time for the real deal. Just remember, it’s not you— it’s an issue that he has to address…so how can you help him get back on track?

A Minor Hick-Up

Well, you’ll probably love this…suggest that he not masturbate for a few weeks, and focus on having intimacy with you. This doesn’t have to be sexual intercourse, it can be playing with each other, make-out sessions, holding hands while walking on the beach together, or quiet dinners at home. This can help to get his mind away from identifying sex as being necessarily related to porn and/or masturbation.

Most people need more help than just that however, and that’s where taking a powerful herbal formula can aid in their recovery process. (TRY: Natural Formula for Penis Damage & Injury Repair) These can help to repair penile nerve damage and tissue rupturing caused by long periods of chronic, abusive masturbation. They can also provide critical nutrients needed to replenish his body’s supply of neurotransmitters, hormones, and growth factors needed for healthy climaxes, as well as increase blood circulation for even harder erections [wink]. So get your man on the path to being Mr. Sheet-Drencher, and experience full-on mutual orgasms with him!

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