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Burn Out – Over Masturbation and its Associated Symptoms

Here we find a gentleman that has been having a little too much self-sexy time and as a result of his obsessive masturbatory practices, he has developed a few unwanted conditions including a shrinking member. Is there hope for him?

Case #: 1141


Hi, I started masturbating ten years ago and I did it extensively over the years. Now I have a list of problems. The first one is that I ejaculating within 10 to 15 seconds, my penis has become smaller in length; the lower part of the penis is smaller than the upper area when it is erected. I also have urinary problems. I used to run a lot and when I would drink water I had a strong urge to urinate. When I would go to the bathroom there would not be a stream but instead, drops of very little urine. What should I do to become a normal, healthy man?


Masturbation in moderation is a healthy practice that we can enjoy as men. It’s a great way to keep our sexual hormones active, prevent yeast infections, and in a very non-scientific way it’s just fun to do. We can imagine a sexual encounter with that super-hot popular girl in high school that we were too nerdy to approach (I never did that…no of course not), or maybe as a way to just blow off some stress and relax.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Some guys like using lube which is actually better for your penile health, since one’s hand movements don’t create as much friction and result in abrasions. Others like visual aids such as smut magazines and porn. The end result is always the same; a great climax. But what happens when men start to masturbate more and more, and it becomes something akin to being on some bizarre-world carousel that one just can’t seem to get off (no pun intended).

You’ve been masturbating for one reason or another, and it has been fun for you to achieve those climaxes. Unfortunately, your mind is still telling you that it’s okay to continue your excessive masturbatory habits, even though your body is saying “hey, I need a break down here; can you hear me?” Your body is running on close to empty but still you continue to engage in it because you’re trying to get the highs of those original climaxes, but since your body is burned out, it’s becoming harder and harder (actually softer) to achieve those anymore.

Now you’re caught in a vicious cycle of continuously masturbating on limited resources, further depleting your body’s reserves. Over time, your interconnected penile chambers which normally fill up with blood in order to get your penis erect, have developed scar tissue within their normally highly elastic fibrous tissues. In addition to this, fatty deposits known as plaque have built up around the openings to these chambers, resulting in restricted blood flow and a softer, smaller penis. So how do we overcome these obstacles?

Serious Recuperation

Your body needs to rest right away in order to halt the damage that is being done as a result of your chronic masturbation. Taking a few weeks off will do you good, and when you come back to it, only indulge yourself in 3-4 for sessions per week, maximum. Don’t get caught up in this downward spiral again.

One thing that can really help with your healing process is taking a nourishing botanical remedy. These can eventually remove both your penile scar tissue and that nasty plaque build-up, resulting in a larger penis with fuller erections in the long run. (TRY: Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth) These are also jam-packed with powerful herbs which synthesize with your body’s natural healing capacities and can boost the acetylcholine, DHT, dopamine, testosterone, and HGH in your penile tissues, reinforcing both your desire for sex as well biochemically enhancing your erection quality and sustainability.

These mixtures also repair the damage done to your parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates and controls your urination and ejaculation processes. So invest in yourself and take a natural, holistic path back to a healthy lifestyle.

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