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Going Soft – A Tale of Weak Erections and Penile Leakage

Men, let's face it—we value our manhood, and a weak erection, especially during a hot sexual encounter, doesn't serve as a sign of vitality. Try explaining to your partner that you need to take a timeout to revive your shrinking colossus.  
Weak erections can occur for a number of reasons, and penile leakage is one of the more common culprits. During sex, you expend energy and testosterone, and even 20 minutes of foreplay can drain your body of both. To keep your body performing at its sexual peak, the body must produce constant bursts of testosterone, but sometimes even the best sportsmen fall flat – both literally and figuratively.
Reasons Why You Can't Keep it Up
Think of sex and erectile strengthen as electricity moving across power lines. Your parasympathetic nervous system functions as the power lines that transfer testosterone during sexual activity. If these nerves suffer damage, you cannot receive the energy to power your erection. 
To make matters worse, the stress to maintain an erection can cause a sabotage of your own sexual prowess. Many men, fearing a loss of hardness, will tighten their pelvic muscles, which can impact sexual function. Amid the stress to perform, your body may start to release pre-cum, as if the body were consciously desiring a swift end to your erotic rendezvous. 
Getting Your Mojo Back
For an activity that's supposed to be fun, sex can be stressful. If you struggle with premature penile leakage and floundering erections, it's time to reclaim control of your potency. You have many options at your disposal, including—but certainly not limited to—the Method of Anal Breathing. Don't let the name discourage you. This method is extremely effective at treating weak erections and impotence, and men can maintain their endurance with the most insatiable sexual partners by practicing the technique. Anal Breathing involves applying gentle pressure to your bladder while your urinate. You can learn all about the technique here
In addition, herbal solutions can restore the neurotransmitter balance and prevent leakage to power an erection. For instance, Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang can stop seminal leakage that cause a weak erection. Thanks to the Euryale Seeds found in the formula, men can experience a reduction of leakage to keep an erection strong.

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