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Tighten My Vaginal So My Anus Is For Exit Only

Learn how a woman wants to be extra tight for her man in an effort to prevent having anal sex.

Case #: 712


Why do men want to try anal sex so badly? According to my boyfriend, everyone tries anal at least once, but after doing some research, I’m hanging a sign on my booty that reads: “Exit only.” I guess I’m afraid of catching a bacterial infection, or worse, causing permanent damage. So I offered my boyfriend a proposition: If I can tighten my vaginal muscles, he would stop asking for anal sex. So I need your help to stymie his advances of trying anal sex. Please help me convince him that my booty is an exit-only path.


It's surprising how many women I come across with this exact conundrum. I feel as if anal sex has become the hot trend for men today because our generation of men have had access to any type of porn with the click of a mouse from a very early age. Earlier than any other previous generation. Anal sex, to men, must seem pretty amazing in theory . . . But not so much in practice.

Exit Only Or Yield
The well known truth is that our anus, unlike our vaginas, are not self lubricating. And by the way, the textures are very different on the inside as well. Where our vagina's feel; smooth, warm, and wet, our anal counterparts our dry and sticky at the same time!

A Story Of Anal Intrusion

Though your mind seems well made up on the 'exit-only' strategy, I thought I might share with you my experience with anal sex just to give you a little more insight. Like many men of our generation, a previous sexual partner of mine wanted to try it out. For a long while I was highly against the idea. I was sure it would hurt and I didn't see why he would want to when I had a perfectly good vagina hanging around.

But alas, finally I gave in one day while we were showering together. I figured the added moisture couldn't hurt. Of course, we used a condom and needed extra lube and surprisingly it didn't hurt, actually it didn't feel like anything at all. I got absolutely no pleasure out of anal sex and my partner eventually became frustrated with having to stop his efforts in order to re-lube. The moral of my short tale is: anal sex is not all it's cracked up to be, and it's definitely not porn worthy.

Tightening The Right Muscles

Now, on to the real business of things. The best way to get your vagina super tight is to start doing kegel exercises immediately. This will help greatly in your effort to strengthen those glorious pelvic floor muscles and increase elasticity in the skin the surrounds your vagina.

The next time you're taking a bathroom break, try stopping the flow of your urine. If you can start and stop it by isolating those pelvic muscles, you're on the tight path. For an added bonus, I would recommend a regenerative formula: VRD remedy to help increase blood flow to your vaginal nerve endings and will also promote erectility of the vagina's spongy tissues.

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