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After a Hysterectomy, She Said Good Bye to Orgasm and Hello to Depression

At 41 years old, she can’t orgasm. She had a partial hysterectomy and isn’t able to derive pleasure even from masturbation. Her gut tells her the problems she’s experiencing are effects of her surgery.
Case #:1521

I am 41 years old and lately have been feeling really depressed. I used a vibrator but felt no feeling or pleasure upon contact. Come to think of it, I have never had pleasure during an orgasm. I think this is the reason for my depression. I had a hysterectomy where only the uterus was taken out, but I think this is the cause of my orgasm issues. Is my gut feeling correct?

It’s been theorized a hysterectomy can improve a woman’s sex life, but few females who undergo this surgery agree. Sex and the pleasure it yields change as a woman ages. When they’re younger, most females need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. They don’t climax during intercourse either because their G-spots are insensitive or they don’t know the means necessary to stimulate their G-spots.
Older women, on the other hand, are more likely to orgasm during sex. They enjoy penetration because it stimulates the vagina and cervix, each of which creates a different sensation in the body. This knowledge suggests the uterus plays a key role in sexual pleasure.
How Your Body Changes after a Hysterectomy

The Office on Women’s Health reports hysterectomies are the second most common surgeries for women in the United States. They are performed in varying degrees – a partial removes just the uterus, a total removes the uterus and cervix and a radical removes the uterus, upper vagina and tissues around the cervix.
Even a partial hysterectomy means numerous nerves and ligaments are severed during surgery. This can severely interfere with sexual pleasure because nerves from the vagina and clitoris intersect and traverse with those of the uterus. Even in younger women, the uterus is affected by orgasm – it contracts as a woman reaches climax and also sends messages from the genitals to the brain that prompt orgasm in the first place.
Without the uterus, the vagina loses many of its connective tissues. This creates a compression of other internal organs – including the bowels and bladder - and shortens the vagina. The implication on intercourse is clear: it can cause severe pain instead of pleasure as a woman’s internal anatomy completely changes.
The Effects of Hormones

Because your ovaries are still in place, they continue to produce the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. But it’s important to remember these chemicals begin to wane as a women advances in age. This is a natural process completely independent of your hysterectomy.
As estrogen levels drop, so too does libido. The key is that you must want sex before you can fully enjoy it. If you use your vibrator only to cure your depression, and not because you truly want to indulge yourself, you’re not likely to orgasm.
Another effect of decreased estrogen is less sensation in the clitoris and vagina. Even when you do desire sex, this can interfere with your orgasm. Once climax does arrive, it may be shorter and/or less intense than what you would like.
Defining Your Depression

You mentioned you feel depressed because you can’t orgasm, and that may be true. However, depression can also be an effect of perimenopause. Most women enter this stage between the ages of 45 and 55, but it can occur in some females well before then. This is a common symptom in those with declining estrogen levels.
In addition to its numerous other responsibilities, estrogen activates serotonin. As the former rises, so too does the latter. Serotonin regulates mood and promotes healthy sleep patterns. Without it, feelings of anxiety, irritability and depression can take hold.
Healing with Herbs

Many women think the symptoms of a hysterectomy and/or perimenopause cannot be relieved, but they can. One of the most effective ways to ease them is with an herbal restorex formula. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Female Sexual Health Regeneration) Specific herbs like Dong Quai and American Ginseng are beneficial to the female body because they support healthy tissue growth and hormonal balance. Both of these factors will in turn restore genital sensitivity and improve the quality of your orgasms.

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