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Stroke Your Way to Thinner Hair – One Downside of Over-Masturbation

Too much masturbation can cause blurred vision, back pain, weak erection and even hair loss. Yes, hair loss. Learn the reasons, and see what you can do.

Case #: 759


Hello, I’m 24, I’ve been excessively ejaculating since I was 15. I can’t remember exactly the frequencies but I was ejaculating daily and it’s a chronic habit, I started viewing pornography at 20 now my problems are the headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and eye problems, I’m also experiencing weak erections, depression, difficulty thinking, loss of concentration, mild back pain. The worst of my problems is that my hair is thinning, and I've lost many hairs in front. What could be the problem with my hair? What is the solution for all of the above? Are there any other tests to check out? Please help me I’ve been experiencing those physical problems for about 8 months. I got a panic attack once 4 months ago, no diabetes or blood pressure, everything is normal. Your advice and help is very much needed thank you doctor.


A lot of guys think that chronic masturbation is “good clean fun,” but that couldn't be further from the truth. For starters, excessive masturbation is often used as a coping mechanism or stress release function, and this can create a dangerous cycle of dependency. But the impacts aren't just psychological. As you have experienced firsthand, over-masturbation can have a powerful physical effect on the body, promoting everything from blurred vision to thinning hair.

So how does a perfectly healthy 24-year-old come to experience weak erections, dizziness, lost concentration and even hair loss? You guessed it. Your symptoms all point to the same lowest common denominator.

You see, excess masturbation results in chronic arterial constriction in your testicles and penis, which weakens your testicular function. As your body depletes important neurotransmitters and hormones faster than it can replenish them, you start to notice that things just aren't right. If your body had a “Check Engine” light, it would be blinking furiously right now.

DHT – The Source of Your Worries

If you know anything about mixing drinks, you know how important it is to get the ratios just right. If your Mai Tai doesn't strike the right balance of rum, pineapple juice and triple sec, not only will the drink not taste right, but you'll probably get fired from the Tiki Bar. Your body is not unlike one of these drinks (Cheers!). It requires just the right balance of hormones like testosterone and DHEA, as well as neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Too much masturbation causes them to work overtime. As a result, you lose them, and your body overproduces inflammatory hormones like DHT just to compensate.

DHT is a source of massive reproductive drama. It converts to testosterone at a rapid rate, causing your hair to thin, and it contributes to lethargy, blurred vision, physical pain, and even depression. But when you're depressed, you want to masturbate more! It's a vicious cycle.

DHT – Making it DOA

Don't misunderstand. We need DHT, just like we need all of the other natural chemicals in our body. It only becomes a problem when produced excessively. The key is to keep the hormones in balance, and only then can we eliminate those nasty symptoms and start to feel normal again.

There are some excellent herbal remedies, containing Ashwagandha, Cuscuta, Gingko and Passion Flower, along with other helpful ingredients. (LOOK AT: Herbal Formula for Hair Loss) Together, these herbs help to suppress the overproduction of DHT, balance your hormones and even stimulate new hair follicles. I would recommend that you cut back on the masturbation, try some beneficial herbs, and maybe wear a hat for the next few weeks (only kidding about that last one).

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