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Pain in the Membrain – Headaches Due to Overmasturbation

Here is a case involving a gentleman who has been engaging in a little too much self sex-time over a long period of time. This has resulted in some painful headaches. How does he get back to having a clear head?

Case #: 835


I have two issues to discuss with you. First, you had mentioned that an ideal sized penis is approx. 5-6" in length. Where do you begin measuring it? The reason I bring this up is that my girlfriend thinks that my penis in not long enough to fully satisfy her. I believe that it is at 5-6" measured from the underside to the tip.

Secondly, invariably after having sex or masturbating (usually once a week) and ejaculating I get this high feeling followed by a headache at the rear of my head. This usually continues for three to four days afterward. What can I do to avoid this sans giving up having sex etc.?


Your first concern; that of your penis size, can be addressed as follows:

Measuring Your Flaccid or “Standby” Length

Because room temperature can cause your penis to shrink, you’ll want to drop your pants and measure it immediately. According to Dr. Hunter Wessels, an expert on penis sizes, simply take a ruler and bend it along your shaft from your testicles to your penis tip. The average length is 3.43 inches.

Measuring Your Erect or “Go-Time” Length

Get Mr. Happy down there fully erect, snatch that ruler and measure it just as you did your flaccid length. The average erect length is 5.03 inches.

You’ve already stated that you’re between 5 to 6 inches so take a deep breathe; you’re doing okay, so not sure why your girlfriend is complaining.

Your headaches; those can really suck. First, let me explain what is causing them, and then we’ll look at solutions. When you engage in chronic masturbation, your body over-produces enzymes critical to preventing the conversion of glutamate into GABA during your sexual activity. As a result in this reduction in GABA, your glutamate levels will shoot up as will your sex hormones. This causes another chain reaction in that your cortisol levels will explode, only to drop off abruptly hours later, causing your pituitary-adrenal function to freeze up. This in turn lowers your androgen hormones and shrinks the carotid arteries in your brain, which causes your headaches.

Break the Chain

Let’s start by giving you some proper rest. Take Mr. Happy on a vacation of no sex or masturbation, and take up another, healthier habit in the meantime. See this as an act of real self-love rather than further burning out your body through masturbation. 3 weeks is about right, and when you come back to it, decrease your masturbatory frequency to 3 to 4 times a week, but no more than that. This will allow your hormonal and neurotransmitter levels to start to balance out.

If you’d like to really boost your recovery process, taking a natural botanical formula can really help. (SEE: Migraine Relief Formula) The specialized properties contained within these powerful mixtures can stabilize your GABA and stress hormones, thereby preventing the aforementioned chain reaction that results in your painful headaches. Other positive effects are a liver that can detoxify your body more efficiently, as well as a stabilization of prostaglandin E-2, resulting in a reduction in nerve inflammation. Since these herbs are all natural, there are no detrimental effects to your health, unlike many prescribed medications. So let’s get you back to having a clear head and peace of mind!

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