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Combating the Sexual Effects of Vaginal Looseness

She and her husband are both well into their 50s and still thoroughly enjoy sex. Her vaginal looseness, however, has diminished his pleasure. She is eager to correct her condition so the two of them can once again satisfy each other in the bedroom.

Case #: 583


My husband and I never had kids. Neither he nor I wanted any. And now, at the ripe age of 53, we both still love sex.

Mornings, afternoons and nights, we like to engage in our favorite pastime. Except now, I notice my husband’s satisfaction continues to decline. According to him, “he hardly feels any sensation down there.” It’s not because his penis feels nothing, but because my vagina is so loose it creates little stimulation for him. Could you tell me why my vagina continues to stay as loose as it does? Is my age a factor? What about my hormones?


It can be devastating to hear that your partner no longer enjoys sex because your vagina is loose. The problem is that vaginal muscles lose their elasticity with age. This is a normal process that cannot be controlled, regardless of how often you have sex. But this topic is not funny to the women who have to live with it, and because it’s a natural process of aging, every female will eventually notice her vagina lose elasticity and tightness.

Defining a Loose Vagina

Vaginal looseness can refer to many different conditions, including that of an enlarged vaginal opening or sagging vaginal lips. Because these conditions are visible on the outside of the body, they often cause a woman to feel self-conscious about her appearance. (more on Vaginal Looseness)

Neither factor, however, is responsible for your husband’s loss of satisfaction during intercourse. Your situation is instead a loss of elasticity in your vaginal canal. This means your internal tissues are loose and can no longer grab your husband’s penis as tightly as they once did. He senses your condition because the pleasurable friction that once ensued during sex is gone.

It might comfort you to know that many women go through the exact same situation – in other words, you have no reason to feel you’ve caused your vaginal muscles to become weak. Some women experience a loss of sensation in and around the vagina as they age. Others feel pain during sex and turn their partners away altogether.

Aging, Hormones and Elasticity

The loss of elasticity is most prominent in your vaginal opening and the lower half of your vaginal canal. Two different factors can be responsible for this condition: the rigors of childbirth or time. You’ve never been pregnant, so you’re suffering from an aging vagina.

This in no way refers to your sexual history or the number of partners you have had, but is merely a natural part of growing older. Just as other muscles in the body lose strength and elasticity with time, so too does the vagina. The root of this problem can be found in your hormones.

Up to about age 40, healthy doses of estrogen keep a woman’s vaginal muscles strong and tight. But this and other hormone levels drop as a woman grows older. The vagina and its tissues subsequently become weaker, especially in women who don’t often engage in sex because of diminished libidos. You are fortunate that your sex drive is still intact; intercourse actually strengthens vaginal muscles because they’re being used rather than allowed to atrophy and become still weaker.

Restoring Elasticity

While an aging vagina is inevitable, you don’t have to remain unfulfilled in the bedroom. You can improve the elasticity of your vagina with an herbal formula (see how VRD Formula works) that contains ingredients targeted for female health. For example, Milk Thistle stimulates mucus membranes in the vagina to help lubricate and strengthen muscles. Chrysanthemum helps restore natural elasticity, and Bupleurum helps the body expel unwanted toxins.

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