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Don't Americanize Your Penis The Wrong Way

A male who has used a penis pump on a daily basis in the past is experiencing impotence, soft erections and bruising.

Case #: 403


When I came to the United States, I began Americanizing myself. In the process, I decided I wanted to make my penis larger. I purchased a penis pumps and began using it daily. I began seeing result quickly, but my newfound size was short lived. Over a few days, my penis began to shrink and I stopped being able to obtain an erection. I feel like my penis is ruined. How can I regain my rock-solid state and minimize the bruising caused by the penis pump?


You are suffering from damage caused by the penis pump. Penis size is important for many men. Men who have small penises or wish to make their penises larger often use penis pumps to see quick results. Most penis pumps are used for a few minutes on a daily basis. They create a suction effect around the penis which causes blood to flow to it, causing an erection and the impression of a growth. Penis pumps can easily injure the penis causing bruising, weak erections and sensitivity loss and impotence.

Signs of Penis Pump Damage
Penis pumps draw blood into the penis, which causes it to swell. While this may make the penis appear larger, it could also be causing damage to the genitals. Bruising around the shaft of the penis is one of the first signs of damage. It can also damage elastic tissue in the penis, leading to less-firm erections. Many men also find that after using a penis pump for a long period of time that there is less force behind their ejaculation. The penis pump can squeeze the penis so tightly that the ejaculate becomes trapped and cannot exit the penis during orgasm. Ejaculate may slowly dribble out of the penis after orgasm. These symptoms will usually cease a few weeks after you stop using the penis pump.

Some of the more sever and painful signs of penis pump damage can require long term rehabilitation to overcome. Many men complain of erections that do not feel right and are even uncomfortable. The penis may become soft during intercourse or be unable to become firm at all.

Tissue damage around the penis can be irreparable and result in loss of foreskin. Ruptured blood vessels are one of the most common types of penis pump damage. It can take several weeks and even months for blood vessels to repair themselves. The suctions and pressure caused by the penis pump causes the blood vessels to burst or rupture. This results in loss of sensitivity and even painful intercourse.

Getting Help
If you are worried about your penis size, there are ways to improve it without using a penis pump. Before you seek such treatments, make sure your penis is actually small. Most men feel like they have small penises, when in reality, they are average. The average penis measures somewhere between 3 and 5 inches when it is not erect and between 5 and 7 inches when erect. As long as you are able to satisfy your partner and your penis is not smaller than 3 inches, your penis should not be considered small.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of damage caused by a penis pump, the best thing to do is stop using the pump immediately. Severe damage may take several months to heal and in some situations, you may need to see your doctor for help.

Less severe damage can be repaired by using herbs like Astragalus Membranaceus, but more severe problems a more powerful remedy such as Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution is needed to repair blood vessels and elasticity of the tissue around the penis. Once your penis has healed, you will be able to experience hard erections and sex will become enjoyable once again.

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