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In Need of Lube: When What You’ve Got Just Isn’t Enough

She is no longer creating the amount of vaginal lubrication she used to. She becomes moist at the initiation of sex, but it isn’t enough to last. Why is this happening to her at twenty-nine? What can she do to regain her juices?

Case #: 1722


At 29-years-old, I don't know why I'm having this type of problem. Every time I have sex my vagina stays dry, it doesn't produce any natural moisture like it's supposed to. Maybe there's a little moisture but not as much as I used to make, or need for sex. What is wrong with me? When I have sex, and before the sex is initiated, I get turned on, but I don't know why I don't get wet. This has become such a huge problem. Please help me.


First off, there’s nothing wrong with you. As long as you’re producing some moisture during arousal, your body is still functioning properly. It’s simply the quantity that’s lacking. This is most likely due to hormones. It’s certainly frustrating to be left high and dry, so to speak, because both partners worry that they’re doing something wrong.

Everything Changes

However, it’s wrong to use vaginal wetness as a measure of arousal or sexual enjoyment. Women naturally produce varying levels of lubrication—some produce much, and some barely at all. And as we progress through life, our hormones shift and change; sometimes for reasons we can understand, such as pregnancy or menopause, and sometimes for no discernable reason whatever. While you may have been wet and wild in your early years, it seems your hormones have changed in a way that prevents that occurrence from happening now.

Out of Estrogen

The hormone I’m speaking of specifically is estrogen. Estrogen controls vaginal lubrication. If levels are too low, you’ll begin to notice issues with vaginal dryness, as well as potential other problems such as thinner, more delicate vaginal and labial tissues, and decreased sexual pleasure.

For some reason, estrogen is continually causing problems for us females. All sorts of things can disrupt it: birth control, diet, exercise, stress, certain medications, age…and the list goes on. Not too long ago, I myself noticed a similar problem to your own. Now why I, still a young woman, should have problems with estrogen was beyond me. So I began researching. It turns out too much exercise can cut estrogen levels, something I didn’t know. And a diet that doesn’t feature high in isoflavonoids is a sure way to decrease estrogen as well.

Powerful Plants

Isoflavonoids are a type of phytochemical found in legumes, clovers, and seeds. These compounds, once inside the body, normalize hormone levels. The body can use these molecules to make up for hormonal deficits, due to the nature of their molecular structure, but they only act at about twenty percent of the normal hormonal level.

Interestingly, phytochemicals can mimic estrogen, progesterone, or androgens—three very distinct types of hormones, all sex related. The body forces the molecules into whichever form it needs and uses them, discarding any extra. In this way, a person who is low in estrogen—experiencing vaginal dryness, but not to a degree that would necessitate hormone replacement therapy—might easily improve her levels of estrogen; easily, through the ingestion of phytochemical-rich foods.

Pamper Your Pussy

You should currently be using lubrication if your natural lubrication production is diminished, in order to prevent pain and damage to your vagina. I recommend beginning the use of a moisturizing gel that includes compounds derived from Wild Yam. (SEE: Natural Herbal Wild Yam for Vaginal Dryness Restoration) Wild Yam is one of those phytochemical-rich foods I was talking about. This will soothe your vagina, while providing lubrication and returning your hormonal levels to their normal state.

I’m sure you’ll soon be feeling back to your old self after a few applications of this healing gel. Please, don’t worry any longer about yourself. You are perfectly normal, healthy, and about to be juicy once more!

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Wild Yam Vaginal Moisturizing Gel For Vaginal Dryness

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