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Here's the story of a guy who has taken the first few steps on the road to recovery. He has noticed some improvements of his troubles immediately, but some remain. Read on to see what else he can expect from the journey back to health.

Case #: 992


I've been taking some of the products for 2 weeks now.

I've noticed my libido has increased tremendously and my erection has improved about 60%. Seminal leakage is also a lot less.

But I'm more worried about my physical problems more than my sexual problems.

I still suffer from chronic fatigue (extremely lethargic all the time, even if I sleep 12 hours a day), Chronic back pain. Pain at the back of the head (headaches or migraines),

Also just to add in, I made a huge mistake of masturbating 3 days in a row during the course of taking the products because I was too horny and my penis kept on erecting. But now I've understood that I can't do that anymore.

Please advise me on what I can do to improve my healing? How long it will take? Will adding fish oil improve? Any advice would be appreciated.


There's an old saying: “Sin in haste, repent at leisure”. In modern terms, we might use other images, like “break your leg in a moment; spend six weeks in a cast”. Mistakes and injuries usually take a short time to inflict but often demand a long time and a lot of effort to bring the victim back to anything like full health. The human body can recover from a great deal of abuse and/or neglect, especially when it receives proper care and nutrition.

In For Repairs

In your specific case, you've started well by using the products as directed for as long as you have, as well as reducing your sexual activities. You stumbled, but you caught yourself, which is also a sign of progress. Your body will still heal, especially if you keep taking the products; you have simply set the clock back a bit and the process will take a little longer.

Dancer In The Hospital

It's difficult for a physically-active person to accept enforced bed-rest after an injury. Dancers, or any other individual who engages in strenuous physical activity either as their profession or as their favorite hobby, are accustomed to using their exercise to work off stress. Likewise, chronic masturbators habitually deal with stress by means of masturbation... which can actually increase your body's stress-level. You can't take stress out of your life completely, so you'll simply have to learn to use different coping mechanisms.

It's a lot like weaning yourself from extreme caffeine consumption. The headaches and fatigue are symptoms of imbalanced body-systems that the caffeine had been hiding without actually treating; as your body recovers its normal chemical balance from the caffeine-flood or the feel-good chemicals associated with excessive orgasms, these symptoms will fade and you'll feel better than ever.

It All Takes Time

Persistent sexual excess, be it with a partner or alone, will eventually catch up to you, but the key word in that sentence is “eventually”. Part of the reason why it's so difficult for some people to associate certain health problems with too much sex is that the effects do not seem to immediately relate to the cause: you can masturbate for years before you begin to notice that you've got problems getting out of bed in the morning, and many guys will wake themselves up with a quick masturbation session, never realizing that they're contributing to their own fatigue.

Once you have figured out that too much sex is too much and started working on recovering from it, the next important stage is to give your body time. Your injuries are the result of persistent behavior over the course of months or years, and getting yourself back into a healthy condition will not happen overnight. A rough estimate, assuming you can completely abstain from sexual activity, is that it will take two to four weeks of regular exercise, rest, proper diet and appropriate herbal supplements to bring you back to a good baseline state of physical health.

Nudging the Clock

There are many things you can do to actively assist in your recovery process. Improving your diet is the most obvious. In your specific case, you should drink eight to ten glasses of the cleanest filtered water you can, preferably with the unsweetened juice of half a lemon mixed in with your first glass of the day to help boost your liver's ability to clean your blood.

Your food should also include lots of vegetables like carrots, garlic, beets, onions, leafy greens, and broccoli, among other things, which also help your liver do its job better; going easy on the dressing, will give your liver less to filter. (ALSO TRY: Fatigue Zapper Herbal Formula)

Exercising more will burn off the fat and help clear out your blood vessels, and keeping your health-care provider informed about all of it can only help. While you're exploring these options, you might consider using an herbal supplement designed specifically to assist in the repair process of your body's energy-maintenance functions.

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