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Loss of Libido – Caused by Mushrooms

Let’s check out this interesting case involving a man who has been not only masturbating too much, but has also been taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, throwing his sex-drive into a tail spin. How will he recover?

Case #: 1294


“How can you know you don’t like something unless you’ve tried it?” That’s what my grandmamma used to say. So I’ve tried weed, Ecstasy, “Molly,” “white girl” and mushrooms. I’ve tried every type of hard alcohol twice—just in case I didn’t like it the first time. And just to expand my profound portfolio of things I have tried, I’ve tried to sleep with size, color and shape of woman.

After all the drugs, alcohol and woman, the thing that did the most damage was the least expected—the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Now it seems the combination of drugs and alcohol has damaged my libido.


Sex, drugs, and rock & roll. When I was a kid, I’d heard about this notorious trifecta of doom but relegated it to people that were homeless or out of control runaways such as the type that flock to Hollywood.

Surprisingly, when I got older I found pervasive drug and alcohol use where I least expected it: in college. Alcohol and narcotics are so wide-spread these days that it’s almost impossible for a person to not know at least one person who has abused them.

Bad Shrooms

Mushrooms in particular can be devastating to your mind and body. By taking them you alter your brain chemistry, causing hallucinations and throwing off your perception with regards to your senses; including your taste, touch, hearing, etc. What causes this is a dangerous chemical within mushrooms call psilocybin, similar to LSD, which poisons your liver, kidneys, and entire nervous system.

Too much sexual activity wears your body out by producing too many sexual hormones, causing your adrenal and reproductive organs to be overtaxed. This causes your body to be trapped in a continuous fight-or-flight stress reaction and also results in the release of too much inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 flowing throughout your body. This in turn can cause muscle and body aches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, infections, problems with your vision, and various sexual dysfunctions including, you got it: impotence.

In addition to that, the drug Risperdal can further negatively impact your already lowered sex drive and cause problems with sexual arousal and even inhibit the ability to ejaculate. This is pretty serious stuff. So what can you do to turn things around?

Getting Serious About Recovery

Immediately cease all sexual activity including intercourse and masturbation. This will enable your body to start its healing process. How long are we talking? Only for a few weeks until you start to regain you sex drive back.

A natural way to getting on the path to resolving your libido issue is by taking a powerful botanical supplement. (SEE: Age Fighting Herbal Remedy for Erectile Health) These ancient remedies can not only help to boost the blood flow and circulation within your body and provide crucial nutrients to your penile vessels and also help to clear the interconnected chambers within it that normal fill up with blood, of any plaque that has formed there, enabling you to achieve harder erections again. They can also lower your prostaglandin E-2 levels and contain antioxidative qualities which can rejuvenate and repair damaged penile tissues. So reclaim not only your lust for sex but also the ability to deliver when you need to!

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