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The Trials of a Woman

His girlfriend experiences severe lower abdominal cramps, clamminess, light-headedness, and an urge to eliminate. These symptoms happen only during menstruation, and only when she’s not on birth control. What are these problems, and can anything be done, besides going back on birth control?
Case #: 953

My girlfriend experiences episodes of extreme lower abdominal pain, clammy sweating, light-headedness, and the urge for bowel movement. They are so extreme that she feels "paralyzed" for the moment. This happens during her menstruation only, and not before, so I guess it is not technically PMS. She does not have episodes while on birth control, but she is off the birth control now and would rather not be on birth control. What are these episodes, and what can she do about it?

Your girlfriend has dysmenonrrhea—a fancy name for painful menstruation. It affects her worse when she’s not on birth control because of the action of the hormones on her body. Part of what birth control does is to create a thinner uterine lining that normal—making the uterus an inhospitable area to a potentially fertilized egg. Then, when her period rolls around, there is less lining being shed, and less cramping necessary to extricate said lining, resulting in less prostaglandins—which are really the root problem here.
Those Pesky Prostaglandins!

Prostaglandin E3 is released either right before, or concurrently, with the start of menstruation. It causes uterine and smooth muscle cramping, which is what’s affecting your girlfriend. The prostaglandins can also create sensations of nausea, lightheadedness, headache, dizziness, and fatigue. It’s really rough being a woman. The higher the concentration of prostaglandins, the worse her body is going to react to them.
Is she also experiencing heavy periods? It might be that a thicker uterine lining is triggering her body to produce higher than average levels of prostaglandin E3, or it could be that because her body became accustomed to the thinner lining, it’s reacting negatively to the normal thickness by overestimating the amount of contractions necessary to expel the lining, resulting in heavy cramping. Either way, the problem is much easier to fix than it probably seems right now.
Get Some NSAIDs Inside You

Your first approach should be NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) of which aspirin is one. NSAIDs control the action of prostaglandin E3 by bonding in place of the chemical it needs to form. Taking NSAIDs will result in dramatically lessened menstruation side effects; you’ll lose the excessive pain and cramping, along with the urge to defecate, and the sweating and lightheadedness should also abate.
Flush with Success

However, you shouldn’t rely on NSAIDs to control the problem. NSAIDs are what are known as irreversible inhibitors, and can stop the body from producing the prostaglandins it does need! I recommend beginning a natural remedy designed to balance hormonal levels and restore the liver and kidneys to full function. (SEE: Hormonal Realignment & Restoration Herbal Formula) As the body detoxifies and realigns itself, her prostaglandin levels will diminish, resulting in a less traumatic period. Other suggestions for dysmenorrhea include exercise—as it releases the pain-inhibiting chemical, dopamine—and the application of heat. I hope this helps your girlfriend with her bothersome issue!

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