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First Time Back Door Lover

If you've ever wondered about the logistics concerning anal sex, look no further!
Case #:1718

I am a homosexual and have a few sex questions that I hope you can answer. I am gay but have never had sex and am kind of afraid of having sex. Some of my questions are; how long after you go #2 do you have to wait to have sex? I mean I know it all can't be so clean. Also, do people shower before they engage in anal sex? I am really afraid of having sex because I have a really fast metabolism and don't want to be having sex and go #2 and make a huge dirty situation.

I think every person clenches just a little whenever the subject of anal sex comes up. It's probably one of a handful of sexual curiosities that is still considered to be described as taboo. I can definitely understand why it might make a person nervous, regardless of gender. Luckily, because you are a man you also have a prostate, which will be your best friend once all is said and done.
Cleanliness Is Next To...

As far as being as tidy as humanly possible, I would suggest not eating any large meals before doing the deed. You should also be sure that you, and your partner have showered beforehand in order to be as clean as possible down there. If you are very worried about an unsightly accident occurring, you may also try Anal Douching to be absolutely sure no unfortunate surprises spring up in the heat of the moment.
It is also imperative that you wrap it up. Utilizing condoms during an anal intercourse session is the only way to be sure that harmful bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases are not passed back and forth between partners. This goes for any type of coupling.
Like The Very First Time

As far as being fully prepared for this type of intercourse, I would definitely suggest first find a water based lubricant that does not include and unnecessary additives such as flavors or fragrances. Water based lubes are at the top of the list when it comes to anal, because they are closest to natural lubrication that one creates on their own.
It is also important to stay as relaxed as possible throughout the experience. I know this may seem impossible as this is your first time, but there are certain things you and your partner may do to insure trust and calmness. Giving each other a sensual massage or sharing a warm bath together beforehand will help to relax each other’s tense muscles, and help you focus more on the actual task at hand.
No matter what happens, be sure to take your time. Anal sex is not an act to rush into with a carefree spirit. If you do not lube correctly there could be a very painful entry process, and if you go at it with a punishing pace, you may be left permanently bruised down there.
Of course you should have fun and enjoy the experience, just be mindful of your motions and lube, lube, lube!

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