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Leaky Penis Makes for Awkward Sex

His excessive pre-cum and premature ejaculation were killing his love life, but his story is not uncommon. Find out the causes of these annoying afflictions, and learn what can be done.

Case #: 1439


I consider myself to be great at sex. I’ve gotten multiple compliments from would-be partners. And thanks to my boyish good looks, I’ve been able to enjoy one of the spoils of life: women. But I put my promiscuous ways behind me and found a wonderful partner. I love her dearly, but it seems my new found love came with another problem: excessive pre-cum and premature ejaculation. Could you please let me know what my problem is?


Yours is a tale as old as time. The classic legend of Don Juan tells of a dashing libertine who excels at seducing women and who lives for the pleasures of life, with no thought to the potential consequences of his own excesses. In the end, Don Juan's hedonistic lifestyle proves to be his downfall. It's a classic allegory about how too much of a good thing can in fact be quite detrimental. It sounds like you may have a bit of Don Juan inside you, but that doesn't mean you need to suffer the same fate. It just means that your past is beginning to catch up with you. Fortunately, we can still turn the tide and restore your natural, healthy sexual function.

Breaking Down the Cause

Pre-cum is essential to a healthy sex, as it serves as a natural lubricant. But as with sex itself, too much penis leakage can be quite hazardous. Not only does it reduce the friction and make for a messy time in the bedroom, but it can also contribute to premature ejaculation, and that's never fun. The question remains, though: What's causing this problem in the first place?

Years of sexual excess in your young life have likely left with you an imbalance of hormones and neurotransmitters, and specifically insufficient levels of DHEA, acetylcholine, HGH, GABA and serotonin. There may also be some degree of prostate inflammation that's making it difficult for you to control your stream of semen.

The oft-neglected prostate gland is responsible for producing and releasing semen, and if it becomes enlarged due to constant ejaculation, it can begin to function inadequately. Incidentally, your hormonal imbalance may also be contributing to the prostate enlargement, because excess levels of DHT (an inflammatory hormone) wreak havoc on this sensitive gland. So the key is to treat the imbalance, right away.

Stopping the Flow

There are number of herbal preparations which restore the ejaculation valve, replenish necessary hormones, and treat prostate inflammation. (TRY: Natural Solution for Controlled Ejaculation & Nerve Control) With all of these ducks in a row, you can once again start enjoying the simple joys of non-awkward sex. Os Draconis, Bupleurum, Mucuna Pruriens and Passion Flower are just some of the healing herbs that can help get you back on track. Now you can free up your mind for more important problems, like how to get your partner in the mood (you're on your own there).

What to do

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