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Penis Shrinkage & Excessive Masturbation

A man’s worst nightmare is to have his penis damaged or shrunk. It’s beyond embarrassing! It can even lead to suicidal thoughts. For every cause, there must be a reason. And excessive masturbation is a common leading cause of penis shrinkage.

What Does Porn, Masturbation and Penile Shrinkage Have in Common?

A September 2012 report from Psychology Today noted that excess porn and masturbation causes an imbalance of dopamine, which contributes to erectile dysfunction, social anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of concentration and even depression. 

The severity of penis shrinkage caused by over masturbation develops in stages. First, at the ‘problematic’ stage, the sufferer experiences performance anxiety that results in a weak erection.

The ‘severe’ stage finds him struggling with the initial bouts of impotence. The ‘addictive’ stage manifests itself in the form of insomnia and the loss of even a ‘morning’ erection. The final ‘severely addictive’ stage encompasses all of the aforementioned symptoms, plus noticeable penis shrinkage.

Driving Force Behinds Your Sex Organs

Much like your car's battery, your body has it's own electrical system and reserve of energy. Masturbation discharges your brain's parasympathetic nervous energy along with several hormones and nutrients. Hey, something has to be responsible for powering your demon seeds.

But unlike your car, the battery won't recharge simply from running. The human body takes time to replenish its energy, neurotransmitters, sex hormones, and enzymes.

By frequently discharging this energy, depleting growth hormones, and neurotransmitters from excessive masturbation or ejaculation, your body's battery will eventually lose its ability to store your bioelectric voltage and replenish the hormones.

Eventually the biofeedback mechanism in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in your brain stem will get used to it and operate at a sub-optimal level of production of essential growth hormones and neurotransmitter production.

Over Masturbation Stunts Your Penile Growth

Growth Hormones are a set of essential hormones that promotes healthy metabolism and many critical functions in the body. Unfortunately, the production of growth hormones is reduced 50 percent every seven years after 25 years of age. For people that are mentally stressed and sexually exhausted, the production will be even further reduced and depleted.

Tiny arteries in your penis may develop scar tissue that prevent the flow of blood to your penis. This blockage can lead to penile shrinkage.

Penile tissues are very sensitive and much in need of growth hormones to rejuvenate itself from the abrasion of excessive masturbation. A deficiency of growth hormones and poor bio-energy over an extended length of time results in harmful consequences, including shrinkage and reduced blood flow to the penile tissues.

Your Solution

Since your “flag” doesn't rely on muscles, the tissues forming your penis and its erection can eventually die off from the long term depletion of acetylcholine, many other essential neuro-transmitters, and growth hormones. [Find out how one individual increased his penile girthtoo!]

This means you can't get as fully erect as you used to. The shrinkage may also lead to a form of impotency if allowed to continue. Take Botanical Concotion formula and massage your penile x-spot to restore back your size before it's too late.

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