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Female Ejaculation - Surprising Gushing & Squirting Takes Him off Guard

Normally we think of ejaculation as something a man does during sex.  But many women experience ejaculation during sex. For many, it is a source of embarrassment because often women think they are involuntarily urinating (urinary incontinence).
There is often a negative stigma that goes along with squirting because people are severally uneducated about the facts surrounding the issue. Typically gushing is associated with extremely powerful orgasms. When a woman is able to fully appreciate her orgasmic ability, without fear of social retribution it maximizes her experience.

Skene's Gland

Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid by women from either or both the para-urethral ducts and urethra during orgasm.  Female ejaculation may also originate from the inflammatory Skene's glands, the glands located in between the upper wall of the vagina and the lower wall of the urethral tract.  Skene's glands behave like the male prostate, seminal vesicles and trap fluid.

Most women can experience this but have to allow for their bodies to do it. They have spent a lifetime trying to prevent things like this from happening, and now they’re supposed to un-train this very learned reflex. It can be very difficult to get over, but after a period of time and understanding from your partner, it can be relatively easily achieved.  

The swelling (erection) or inflammation of the Skene's glands, in conjunction with the swelling of the erectile tissues surrounding the urethra, vagina, cervix, uterus, and clitoral corpus spongiosum, allows a huge volume of body fluid to be stored and ejaculated during sexual arousal and urethral/vaginal contraction.

Her Story
A tragic situation occurred last year when a woman was having a casual sexual encounter with a man, and suddenly while receiving oral sex she began to feel the sensation of possible ejaculation. Very nervous she tried to force away the feeling, going into her head in an attempt to forget about the pleasure she's feeling from the foreplay. All of a sudden he did something special and she immediately had an orgasm, and simultaneously squirted ejaculate all over the face of the gentlemen performing oral sex.

He immediately stood up and hit her in the face. It seems extreme and hard to believe, but it happened and she was mortified and in severe pain. Thankfully the gentlemen had a very weak punch, more of a slap really, so she was just a bit red faced, but nevertheless she couldn't hardly believe what had happened. She emailed us asking for help and hope it would not happened to other women too.

Is It Normal?

If your female ejaculation is a result of organ swelling (erection) from the erectile nervous action of nitric oxide and prostaglandin E1, you shouldn't have to worry about your female ejaculation, and you won't experience inflammatory pains, urinary urgency and frequent urination.  In this regard, your female ejaculation is safe and enjoyable.  You should verify if your ejaculation fluid contains urine, as it will have an ammonia smell after 30-60 minutes.  If yes, then your female ejaculation is sex/stress-induced incontinence and not a good sign.

Female Ejaculation Is A Taboo

The British Board of Film Classification has banned films featured female ejaculation and any urination during sex. Since 2001, activist group such as Feminists Against Censorship has been fighting this censorship. [1]

Natural Solutions

Many herbal formulas allow women to stay sexually excited longer for greater sexual orgasm without the harmful type of female ejaculation. Many herbs have been known to modulate body’s endocrine system to ensure balance secretion of sex hormones. Practice Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga or Harmony Qi Gong can help you strengthen vaginal and PC muscles, modulate hormones, and improve your reproductive health.


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