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Overindulgence With Sex Toys Desensitized my Clitoris

Since her teen years, she has masturbated with both water jets and vibrators, which have led to excessive stimulation of her clitoris. Now she cannot achieve an orgasm and admits that sexual intercourse brings no gratification.

Case #: 531


I started using a water jet in the shower when I was 15. Then, I started using a vibrator for the outside of my clitoris. When I orgasm, it is only for a second and it feels nothing like what my female friends have described. My clitoris is dead; it’s not even sensitive. I can never orgasm through sex. What’s wrong with me?


The clitoris is composed of 8,000 nerve endings – four times as many as the head of the penis – to make it the most sensitive body part in the human body. Because of this organ’s sensitivity to touch, many women love the pleasure they derive when it is caressed or stroked. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that most female masturbation focuses on clitoral stimulation.

But such pleasure can come with a cost. It is possible to desensitize your clitoris temporarily – and suffer from orgasm dysfunction – by overusing vibrators, massagers, sex toys and other play things. Factors like the strength and size of your vibrator as well as the amount of time you’ve used it can damage the nerve endings of a clitoris. You may therefore feel numb during and after sexual activity.

What is the Clit?

The clitoris has been a source of debate since the second century. In 1545, writer Charles Estienne suggested this organ possessed a urinary function. Later in the 16th century, a procedure to cut the clit from Egyptian women and eliminate the potential for pleasure became popular. Although removing the clitoris is still practiced in parts of Africa and Asia, the procedure is not as common as it once was.

Not until the middle of the 20th century did psychologists and sociologists acknowledge the importance of the clit in achieving a female orgasm. It is now widely accepted that such pleasure is the result of clitoral stimulation.

Discussing Dysfunction

Direct stimulation of the clitoris means direct contact with its nerve endings. Over time, and with repeated stimulation, this can lead to desensitization.

To better understand, consider the following scenario: if your partner gives you a massage and rubs the same spot on your back for an extended period, previous pleasure eventually turns to irritation. This same effect can occur with the clitoris, which in turn makes it difficult for a woman to reach an orgasm.

You should note that vaginal insensitivity – which can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable and painful – may be the result of clitoral overstimulation. It may also be the effect of an aversion to your environment or sexual partner. While organs like the clit and vagina respond during arousal, the brain still determines how and when you are sexually gratified. You may therefore need to consider other factors that are dulling your pleasure.

How to get Your Mojo Back

The good news is that clitoral insensitivity is not permanent, but you must stop masturbating. Take a break from your quest for indulgence and start appreciating your body. During this time you can learn about yourself and give your clit a chance to heal.

You should also try an herbal remedy with ingredients like Dong Quai, Evening Primrose Oil, Mucuna Pruriens and Chrysin to restore feeling to your clitoris. These and other herbs are proven to stabilize hormone production and repair nerve damage. A well-balanced herbal remedy also increases blood flow to the clit and vagina, thereby improving sensitivity.

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