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Accused of Something You’re Not Guilty Of

Her husband’s P.E. is blamed on her warm vagina.

Case #: 28161


My husband prematurely ejaculates. He does so every time during sex. He blames his problems on me. He continues to claim that the warmth of my vagina causes him to ejaculate. My rebuttal: as if I had control of the temperature! Still, my husband’s P.E. problem continues to interfere with our sex life—mine in particular. I cannot orgasm. I cannot feel sexual satisfaction. I cannot moan as I once did. Please, help me find a cure for his P.E. problem!


You’re not the problem. Your husband is. Your husband may not be able to adequately hold an ejaculation due to a hormone imbalance or a weakened ejaculation valve. What causes a hormone imbalance or a weakened ejaculation valve? Several factors can alter your husband’s body chemistry, from medications, improper diet, excessive masturbation, or an enlarged prostate.

Identifying The Problem

Because P.E. is such a complex problem, you must first identify the causes. Some men suffer from performance anxiety issues, i.e. becoming overly stimulated too quickly thanks to anxiety.

Other men take a number of medications that inhibits the production of necessary neurotransmitters and hormones. Depending on the problem, you and your husband must work together to identify it first.

Restoring Order

Most of the causes can be treated by adjustments to lifestyles or balances to hormone and neurotransmitter levels. The main hormones and neurotransmitters needed to see a return of his endurance will include testosterone, DHEA, acetylcholine, and serotonin. Below is an overview of the importance of each.

  • DHEA and testosterone produce erections and control mood. DHEA weakens theadrenal function and leads to a domination of the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" function, where "Fight" = "Premature Ejaculation" and "Flight" = "Erection Withdrawal" during lovemaking.
  • Acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitter essential to sexual function. Low serotonin and acetylcholine can lead to uncontrollable ejaculations, while insufficient dopamine means he will receive less sexual stimulation.

How to Help Him

Start by identifying the cause of his problem. Once you know what’s causing his uncontrollable ejaculations, then you can find an all-natural supplement [SEE: Calm Pills for PE] or tincture to help combat his issue.

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