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Another Reminder: Penis Pumps Cause Damage

His uses of penis pumps caused a bevy of problems on his sex life.

Case #: 29838


I came to the United States seeking a better life, and I found it. I found the food, culture—and women—here amazing. In my pursuit of Americanizing myself, I decided I wanted to feel bigger in areas that mattered most. I did some research. I found some results.

I purchased what I believed was a valuable product: a penis pump. I used my pump daily. I would watch in amazement as my penis grew from a tinny asparagus to a large cucumber. I felt proud. I felt happy. I felt like a man! My newfound size was short lived.

My pride, happiness—and manhood—all seem to have disappeared in the span of a few days. Now, I cannot gain an erection. My penis looks like a hotdog after being pounded by a meat hammer. It just lies there, whittling away. How can I regain my rock-solid state? How can I minimize the bruising? How can I feel like a man again?


Nice to see you enjoying the good’ole U-S-of A. Do not feel discouraged. Millions of men just like you fall prey to the alluring marketing schemes of penis pump companies. Thousands of men just like you fall victim to injury.

Why? How!

Well, let’s start with the why first. Penis pumps offer an interesting proposal: For a few minutes a day, you can increase the size of your penis in little time. For men with a dissatisfied size, the investment is appealing.

Men are beguiled by the marketing scheme and testimonials that they waste hundreds on a pump. After wasting so much cash, men come to realize that the pump was a shame. A cheap trick that enhances sizes--only temporarily.

Penile pumping damages your neuromuscular endings in the penile spongy tissues and arteries. Over pump, and you could too rupture blood vessels and cause bruising on the tissue. Since you have continuously used the pump, the nervous damage is extensive.

Now, you have developed scar tissue on your penis. Once the scar tissue forms, you will feel less sensitivity and erections will be noticably weaker.

Get The Help You Deserve

In your present state, you may feel depressed. You feel duped. You also may feel ashamed. It’s normal. Now, it’s time to get the necessary help. Penile injuries require extensive rehab. Scar tissue formation takes months to get rid of, while improving the ruptured vessels too requires time.

For starters, you may want to consider taking all-natural herbal formulation (SEE: Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution) to help bolster the body’s consumption of essential nutrients. These products will provide necessary vitamins and minerals needed to heal the penis. Healing will not take a few weeks either; it may take a few months to see erections return to normal.

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