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The Black Currant - The Herb that promotes Vision

The Black Currant typically grows wild in the damp woods of Central and Northern Europe as well as Northern Asia. It is easily distinguished throughout the seasons by its powerfully sweet aroma. The Black Currant’s berry is of the Ribes family, distinguished by a very dark purple complexion, and an enormously high content of Vitamin C. It contains generous levels of potassium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B5 and a wealth of phytochemicals.
It is believed that the phytochemicals of the berry may have the potential to inhibit inflammation mechanisms suspected to be at the center of a wide range of serious illnesses. And the oil from Black currant is nutrient-rich as well, boasting an abundance of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.
The berries are used in a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as Brandy. In Russia, they’re used to make wine, and Siberia prefers to use the leaves of the plant for their concoctions. In fact, the leaves are often used in teas. But people are not the only ones who enjoy the gifts of the Black Currant, animals are fond of it too; bears feast on the berries and goats eat the leaves.
The berry’s ability to support the ailing eyesight of mentally and sexually exhausted people is perhaps it’s most profound characteristic. Researchers have uncovered a specific group of phytochemicals in Black Currant called Cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G). This unique chemical compound was revealed to promote the healthy function of delicate structures within the retina. As a result, people suffering from exhausted eye syndrome, decreased night vision capability and eye floater problems can be helped significantly.
Taking Black Currant alone for eye disorders isn’t nearly as effective as taking it in the context of a formulated natural remedy. Although Black Currant is the key ingredient of the wildly popular Herbal Treatment For Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision, it is the synergistic spark it produces with the other herbs that really brings out the healing qualities of the herb that began life as a berry.

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