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I Need My Sleep! Menopause Won’t Let Me Get My Sleep!

If you've ever suffered from insomnia then you know exactly what tired really is. For years I, myself was a dedicated night owl. It would take me countless hours during the night to finally drop off into a restless slumber, only to be woken up a few hours later by the dreaded alarm clock. The days are even worse. By the time noon rolled around I was about ready to pass out cold. At the time, I honestly thought that some people were simply not meant to sleep at night. . . Like human bats. I'm sure I only believed this because at the time my grandmother was up at all hours of the night just like I was. Little did I know she was experiencing countless sleepless nights for an entirely different reason.
The thing about insomnia is, it always seems to be at the end of the stem of something deeply rooted within. Meaning, not being able to sleep is usually just the affect of the cause, or part of something bigger than mere insomnia.
For me it was anxiety. I simply could not sleep because I was too busy staying up all hours of the night contemplating life's worst possible outcomes. Obviously this kind of mental behavior is not healthy, and since then I've thankfully been able to deal with both the anxiety and insomnia.
Menopause And Sleepless Nights
For other women, the cause of their insomnia could be biologically linked. It is actually very common for women who are going through menopause, or pre-menopause, to experience a few sleepless nights. This is because the uterus works as a sort of sex hormone storage facility, and as a woman ages the sex hormone stock within that facility lessens a great deal. This inadequate level of the hormone seems to lessen especially during the day time, so when the night falls your body is left unbalanced.
Menopause can also put a serious damper on a woman's dopamine and serotonin production, as well as cause inflammation of stress hormones.
Being A Lemon
I remember all those years ago, the only thing that would give my poor grandma any rest was tea with lemon. My grandmother was obviously an incredibly wise woman. Lemon, or Lemon Balm is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory properties. (SEE: Natural Herbal Comforting Sleep Teas) It holds the power to quell toothaches and stress, and can also increase a weakened appetite.
Stress is found to be the number one affect of menopause. Everything to do with the big change begins and ends with being stressed out. Lemon balm holds the ability to reduce stress and promotes relaxation. In my opinion, stress reduction and relaxation are a total God-send when it comes to menopause.
Not only will the balm help to calm your nerves, but it will also help a woman who is suffering from insomnia caused by menopause, get some much needed rest. When we are stress-free and in a relaxed state, that is the best window of opportunity to get some good, quality sleep.

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