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Is My Birth Control Throwing My Body Out of Control?

Does birth control really do body good? Is it helpful or harmful overall? And how do you know?

Case #: 622


Lana is 23 and pretty miserable. She’s depressed, moody, and not interested in sex….at all. Plus, as an extra non-bonus for that cocktail of crappy, she’s gained a lot of weight. All of this just appeared right about the time she started taking birth control shots and pills. She’s pretty over it and is wondering, is there anything she can take to help her out?


Each woman’s relationship to her hormones is like talking about the adage….’no two snowflakes are alike’. What birth control prescription may work for one woman may not work for you. There are many types on the market and you could try the many types on the market. Birth control can be trial and error.

The Birth Control is Controlling You

The big concern is that all Lana’s miserable issues arose when young Lana started taking birth control. Birth control is artificial, aka not natural in the body. Birth control does trick the body into thinking it is pregnant so you won’t get pregnant. But how does birth control do that?

Birth control floods the body with hormones. Depending on the cocktail your doctor prescribed you, depends on the amount of estrogen and progesterone pouring into your brain to tell you you’re pregnant (not in reality though) and stops those ovaries cold. No eggs will be released here!

Lots of hormones equals lots of work for your liver to do to detox all those hormones. If the liver isn’t detoxing fast enough then…you could be saying….

What happened to My Sex Drive?

If your liver is having a hard time, or your birth control hormone cocktail isn’t quite right your sex drive may seem hidden away.

Testosterone is the fuel for sexy time. When testosterone hits the blood stream, the blood will flow….towards all your sexy parts. Birth control is also testosterone control. If the ovaries are told they need to stop producing eggs, they stop producing testosterone.

With the birth control pill, potentially a lot of estrogen may be flooding your system. Remember that hard-working liver? Well, your hard-working liver is trying to filter out all this estrogen so it may freak out and start making globulin, which binds to sex hormones. As any amount of testosterone in your system sees the globulin, it will bind and become useless to you. Any testosterone left will be responsible for your sex drive.

Your low sex drive caused by birth control medications can affect your androgen hormones as well, which can lead to other less charming physical effects such as clitoris and G-Spot shrinkage, which can lead to sexual frustration.

So What Can I Do?

You may consider alternative methods of birth control, other than the hormone affecting birth control pills. Let your body detox and regain balance.

You can help your liver out with a botanical formula to detoxify and intensify orgasms. Natural supplements can ease your body’s transition to a more balanced hormonal state by cleaning out the over abundance of hormones your liver is trying to process.

The natural herbs can help to support a balanced endocrine system, the system responsible for your hormone production. Herbs can encourage circulation and you do want that healthy blood to flow freely, nourishing all your various sexy body parts.

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