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Smoking Is Killing My Relationship and Penis

Learn about the other ways smoking can harm your life in the future...
Case #: 1898

I've been with my husband for about fifteen years. I knew he used to smoke in high school, but he quit in his early twenties. Unfortunately, he has started up again. He's been smoking, about a carton every two weeks for the past three years, and it's really starting to take it's toll. He tries to be intimate with me, but he either can't get it up, or just stays limp the whole time. I keep telling him that it's the cigarettes, but he won't stop. Am I right?

Dating, or being married to a smoker can be difficult if you are not one yourself. Not only will their clothes stink of tobacco, their teeth will be yellow, and they'll kiss you like a fish clamoring for air, they will also develop some good old fashion erectile dysfunction.
The Smoking Gun

In addition to the obvious diseases and aliments that come along with smoking cigarettes, they also have the ability to leave a man limp and depressed. This kind of bodily reaction occurs, because of the high amount of constriction that cigarette smoke puts on blood flow.
In order to get hard and stay hard, the penis requires proper blood circulation in order to force large amounts of blood into the chambers of the shaft of the penis.
When a man continuously smokes, that intake of tobacco will slowly shrink down artery sizes, making it incredibly difficult for your bottom half to receive the amount of blood that it needs to create an erection.
Too Legit To Quit

Unfortunately, for a lot of smokers, no scary PSA or nicotine demonstration can put them off their sweet, calming cigarettes. These things are addicting to say the very least. In some cases, buying some hard drugs would actually be cheaper than having to buy a carton of cigarettes. Yet, they are still flying off the shelves. I’m no smoker, and even I can understand how difficult it might be to quit smoking.
However, quitting smoking could very well be imperative for your husband if he has real hopes of having a successful sex life again.
Getting Back On The Horse

Luckily, there are many supplements and natural herbs that can help circulation of blood. Herbs such as Deer Antler, or Horny Goat weed are great for increasing blood flow and circulation to the male genitals. (SEE: Penis Enlargement for Smokers)
There are also supplements that can help him stay harder for longer periods of time, so that the both of you will not have to deal with the awkward limpness. Just be wary of what makes up certain supplements. Some penile enlargement pills claim to achieve masterful feats, but all they really do is make your money disappear. I would recommend trying to stay as much in the realm of natural products and ingredients as you can. Smokers should be especially picky about what they put into their bodies, as they already have a ton of toxins floating around their systems already.

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