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From A Marathon Runner to A Super Sprinter: Last Longer in Bed Again

His premature ejaculation problems continue to inhibit his healthy sex life with his girlfriend.

Case #: 28473


I only recently started to engage in sexual activity. In the 6 months of beginning my sex life, I have had 5 great months of sex. I say 5 because the last month has been, well, awful. I once could have sex for long stretches of time. Now, I burst within the first 30 seconds. I have had sex with the same woman, and she makes me feel comfortable about my body. However, I cannot feel confident, especially when I ejaculate instantly. What’s going on with my body?


From the information you shared, your sudden ejaculations may be caused by a gamut of different problems—from hormone imbalances and poor diet to frequent ejaculation and drug use. Still, we will try to provide you with some information that may be the culprit behind these incessant urges to ejaculate.

Over-Masturbation The Culprit
Over-ejaculation can lower your serotonin concentration, a necessary chemical used for powering an erection. When serotonin levels become low, you often feel depressed, angry, or moody. If you noticed your mood has changed in the recent months, this may be a sign of over-masturbation. Aside from controlling mood and happiness, serotonin helps control an ejaculation. When serotonin levels become depleted, you started to notice sudden, uncontrollable urges to ejaculate.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Drugs and alcohol abuse can inject toxins into the body that deplete the brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous system functions. Both systems are vital to an erection. Often when the functions can no longer work, the body depletes both dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that over stimulate the ejaculation valve that controls your orgasms.


  • Take a sexual break and let your prostate heal before you start sex again. The body often times just needs a break. Yes, sex is fun—especially for a beginner. Still, you need to rest.
  • Adjust your ejaculation frequency. Try not to masturbate or watch porn. These activities stimulate the body in a negative way. When you become accustom to masturbation and porn, your body gets used to gaining an erection with hyperactive images rather than a real individual.
  • Relax, often times most men—even experienced ones—tend to become intimated by women and their “hotness.” If you ejaculate too fast because of her level of “hotness,” you need to relax. Relax and enjoy sex.
  • Take Griffonia and Passion Flower formula to help fight the sudden urge to ejaculate. These all-natural pills will help to calm the over-excited ejaculatory nerves down and prepare the body for longer, more enjoyable sessions with your partner.

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