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Cheating, Masturbating and Lying: His Extracurricular Sexual Activities Might Prevent Him from Making Love to His Wife on Their Wedding Night

He gets married in a few days and says he loves his wife-to-be. His actions, however, suggest otherwise. He’s indulged in oral sex with another woman and repeatedly masturbated during the last six months so that now he cannot maintain an erection. The worst part is his girlfriend requested they refrain from sex so they could enjoy an intimate wedding night. He needs a remedy faster than fast so she doesn’t learn how unfaithful he’s been.
Case #: 1995

I’m about to marry the woman I love, so I should be ecstatic. To tell you the truth, I’m anything but. Since we got engaged six months ago, she hasn’t let me make love to her. She wanted our wedding night to be special and swore us to a half-year of celibacy. But I couldn’t keep my end of the deal. I’ve been hitting a local strip joint on my lunch hours and letting a girl there give me oral sex. I’ve also been masturbating like crazy. Knowing I can’t have sex has put me into overdrive, and I’ve established a steady routine of getting off at least once every morning and twice each night. Now, with the wedding near, I can’t get it up. My erections are floppy, and when I come, it’s like a tiny, rapid spurt. What have I done?

Some might say this is just dessert for being unfaithful to your fiancée, but the reality is you’re sexually exhausted. Pleasure comes with a price, and now it’s your turn to pay. The remedy is simple, but you first need to understand your body and how it functions before and after sex.
Insight to the Male Orgasm

When you orgasm, all you notice is the delicious feeling of relief that washes over your body. But this seemingly simple release is more complicated than it appears. Starting with arousal, the body sends a signal to the brain that prompts many responses. Blood flow increases by up to 50 times its normal rate, veins in the penis drain and then shut to keep blood there for firm erections and muscles tense.
The plateau stage happens during intercourse and lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, when the male body nears orgasm. Muscles clench and parts of the body start to involuntarily move. The heart increases to nearly 175 beats per minute, and the urethra emits a clear fluid to facilitate sperm survival.
Just before orgasm, semen moves to the urethra for easy movement. Then muscles in the penis and anus spasm as the pelvic thrusts forward and back. A release of multiple hormones in the brain produces feelings of pleasure. After orgasm, muscles relax and the erection fades. For at least 30 minutes, a man cannot achieve another erection as his body recovers.
The Plight of Sexual Exhaustion

We explain this to demonstrate the numerous changes the body undergoes during sex. Each orgasm is an exhaustive process that depletes a man of energy and leaves him feeling sated but sleepy. Repeated bouts of this that come more quickly than the body can manage lead to sexual exhaustion.
It’s hard to define sexual exhaustion because it’s freely used in reference to many different conditions. But this specific condition comes as a result of excessive orgasm, in which the brain and body flood with chemicals – prostaglandin e2, cortisol, prolactin, and oxytocin, just to name a few – that interfere with bodily functions. The immune system can become compromised, muscles become weak and low libido take over.
Erectile dysfunction is the result of depleted serotonin and acetylcholine levels. You may also have overstimulated your prostate and urethral nerves. The bottom line is this: to recover, you need to stop all sexual activity so your body can rest.
Consider Your Actions

When you’re caught in a cycle of over-masturbation, it’s easy to lose sight of your actions. But indulging in excess sexual activity is not healthy. Many men masturbate because they’re bored or give attribute excessive power to sexual pleasure. Sometimes this is anchored in environment, such as the office or bedroom. Perhaps it’s in these spaces where you feel the most compulsion to have sex. In any event, you need to recognize your triggers and learn to manage them for your new life as a husband.
Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

You can quickly overcome erectile dysfunction with the herb Tribulus. (TRY: Tribulus for Fighting Impotence) Derived from a plant that grows around the world, Tribulus improves blood flow to the penis and stabilizes hormone levels. When mixed with other herbs, it produces a formula that can even stave off ejaculation for longer, more enjoyable intercourse.

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