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Treadmill for the Brain

You aren’t losing your mind! Ok, maybe you are, but it is only Menopause, which appose to popular belief isn’t the end of the world. Menopause symptoms can be overwhelming. Just remember, you are never given more than you can handle and over coming this can be daunting but it is achievable. Try and keep an open mind when researching Menopause symptoms, they can be scary but they are all treatable. Out of all the symptoms that come with Menopause, none are as defeating as a weakening brain. 
Where did my mind go?
Your mind is still there, I promise. When your body goes through Menopause it changes in many ways. Many of these changes are unappealing. Okay, scratch that. They are all unappealing. As far as your brain goes, Menopause takes root and unpacks her bags in the form of weakening your base brain function.

Unfortunately, this will be a change you will not notice right away, as it affects your short-term memory, logic and reasoning skills. Over time, it will become apparent that you are not as together as you once were.

Trying to remember where you set down your cell phone might become a 10-minute search before realizing it has been in your bra the whole time. Where you once were reasoning out all of your purchases under needs and wants, you might find you have started to impulse buy. Yes, that midlife crisis sports car is considered an impulse buy! Realizing you are having these mental slip-ups can make you feel like you are losing your mind, but don’t lose hope you can over come this. 
Pamper your baby! 
Discovering how to keep your brain in top shape will help anyone at any age. It is important to know how Menopause can affect you, so you can be ready to take it on full force. Luckily, improving brain function is easier done than said. Yes! For once something is easier done than said.

First, stalk up on brain food--ginseng and fish are a great start. There are also herbal supplements that can be taken to help keep your brain sharp. These herbal remedies will give your brain the same euphoric affect that you would get from mastering meditation techniques. In turn these remedies will help you achieve mental clarity, alertness and focus. Before Menopause comes knocking on your door, make sure your brain is prepared for the fight.

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