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Knowledge is Penis Power – Sex Guides to Up Your Game

The man has been a little selfish in his past sex life like many people have and are sometimes. Now he has possibly met “the one.” How can he step up his ability to give her an orgasm game?

Case #: 1935


Hi, I feel like I have come a long way. I used to be with women and I didn’t really care if they got off or not I just looked after myself. But that ended any sort of relationship I had since the girls got tired of it.

Now I have met a girl who I really like but I’m not used to pleasing women and so need some advice on how to do that. Thanks.


Peter sat in the bumper to bumper traffic on his way home from work, reminiscing about his part couple of relationships…well actually, those were the only two that he’d been in. As people honked at each other in the blazing late afternoon heat his mind drifted back...

Marcy had been his first girlfriend, and they’d met at a mutual friend’s college dorm party. He was 22 years old and she was 21, and they’d hit it off because of shared mutual interests and similar shyness, demeanor-wise. After a few dates, things seemed to fall into place and they officially became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Missing Chapters

After overcoming their initial shyness, Peter and Marcy developed a sex life that was pretty mediocre at best. This was primarily because Peter really did know what he was doing in the bedroom and therefore the experiences they had were hardly spectacular. Their sex revolved around him awkwardly stuffing his penis into her vagina and pumping away for a few minutes before climaxing. After a few years the two broke up.

His second girlfriend was Traci whom he’d met at a bar. He was 26 years old and she was 30 and had much more sexual experience. She taught him some new tricks and more about a woman’s body; specifically hers, but he just wasn’t really dedicated to pleasing her. He’d orgasm and then roll over and begin to snore. That relationship came to a screeching halt a scant year later.

Peter’s mind came back to the present…what was he doing wrong? He had a new date planned a week from now but didn’t know how to proceed.

Knowledge is Key

Many men can be truly clueless when it comes to interacting with women sexually while others just really don’t care about pleasing their mate. For those that do however, there is hope.

In spite of having a smaller erection size, not having the most spectacular endurance in the ‘ol sack, having limited knowledge and experience, or just possessing a whacky technique, men can learn to upgrade their skills.

Knowledge of how to adequately please a woman sexually and learn the ins and outs of the female anatomy (sorry, couldn’t help myself) has been passed down through the ages in the form of helpful books and guides, in order to steer men into the right direction...

A Happy Ending Every Time

There are helpful sexual guides that can help to improve a couple’s relationship, or improve the odds of success in the next one. (SEE: Self-Help Books for Female Orgasms) They contain special skills and techniques which can enable a man to improve his game and:

  • Ignite and inject passion and fiery intimacy in the bedroom
  • Properly implement steamy foreplay techniques including oral
  • Keep things romantic, trilling, and optimistic when not having sex

These books can keep your wife, girlfriend, or sex partner happy and satisfied both in and out of the bedroom, and make things between the two of you fun and adventurous. So what are you waiting for – your sacred sex text awaits you!

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