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Vessels of Power: How High Blood Pressure Destroys Erection Strength

He can’t achieve a full erection, and hasn’t been able to for some time. He was on blood pressure medication, but has since stopped, when he failed to notice any improvement. Is there some way to help both his blood pressure and his erections?
Case #:1964

I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure for several years now. Even before the diagnosis, I was having problems getting and sustaining a full erection. I was taking blood pressure medication until recently, when I decided to see if there was another option, one that might also help my erections. The meds didn’t seem to do much either way. Can you help?

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with this problem for so long. There are a number of natural solutions that can help lower high blood pressure, which is the first step to improving erections. After that, we can focus on strengthening and rejuvenating the penis through some herbal treatments.
Dysfunctional Dick

The problem with hypertension is that it effectively handicaps the penis. The penis is essentially just a giant vein, and high blood pressure makes it difficult for enough blood to first infiltrate, and then remain inside of, the penis for a proper erection. High blood pressure also serves to weaken the veins and arteries of the body, creating generally poor blood flow. Nitric oxide levels can also become an issue, as the muscles are required to strain much more than usual to keep blood from the penis, and thus require higher levels of NO to allow erection.
Fix It With Fish Oil

What I recommend is beginning a course that includes Fish Oil. While you generally hear about Fish Oil as a mental stimulant and brain improver, the fact is that it can also improve vascular health in much the same way. The active mechanism in Fish Oil is Omega-3 fatty acids. In the brain, these molecules serve to make the membrane of the neurons more elastic, allowing for electrical impulses to more quickly pass from synapse to synapse. In veins and arteries, Omega-3s heal and repair vascular walls—rejuvenating and strengthening the entire circulatory system. That includes the tissues of your penis.
Man Up

Besides restoring the quality of your tissues, you can also work on encouraging a strong sexual response. There are a number of herbs that promote healthy male sexuality—strong libido, powerful erections, good circulation and tissue health. Epimedium is a great herb for men—it contains testosterone-mimicking compounds that encourage tissue growth and resiliency. Tongkat Ali is another testosterone-producing herb, that’s been proven to improve sexual response in men after ingestion.
Any herb that assists your testosterone levels will inadvertently benefit your entire sexual system. Testosterone is so important for every function of sexuality in men, from arousal to orgasm. Hypertension can create issues with the dispersal of testosterone, and with Nitric Oxide, the compound necessary for male erection. Reestablishing a good hormonal balance will boost your erections in no time.
If you follow this regime, you will definitely notice an improvement in your erections. (TRY: Healthier Heart & Sex Life with Natural Herbal Formula) The most important thing in your case is good venous health. Everything else can follow from that. Good luck!

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