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She's come to the right place for help on her own and her husband's behalf: she's not feeling the need do the deed, and her man feels the wrong kind of fire down below. Searching through the site has only led to confusion, but now we'll help her get right to the specific answers she needs. Read on and get the facts in this two-for-one case study.

Case #: 1233


I am overwhelmed with all the information in this site. I want to order products for myself & husband but don't know where to begin. I need something for vaginal looseness & low libido. I had a partial hysterectomy 20 yrs. ago. I do not want to take (normal) Hormonal Replacement Therapy. Can you recommend an alternative?

My husband has an enlarged prostate & sometimes having problems urinating where it is painful and spontaneous. His penis has gotten smaller & doesn't get as hard as it used to. He is very good about taking herbs & vitamins for his health. I was so happy to have stumbled on to your site. Can you please recommend what we should start with as I am excited to gain control of our own health & bodies? Thank you for your help.


The problems you mentioned all have to be split up because together, they don't exactly match. We'll take it a step at a time.

Ladies First

Your partial hysterectomy, regardless of how skillfully performed, may have left scar tissue and therefore reduced sensitivity in your vagina. The skin forming your vaginal walls are a bit different from what you see covering the rest of your body: it sends detailed information to your brain and then releases various hormones under direction from your brain. Scar tissue reduces the effectiveness of both functions, as it is less sensitive to stimulation and has no openings through which hormones can be released.

Men's Turn

Your husband urinary difficulties definitely have their roots in an inflamed prostate. Situated underneath the bladder and surrounding the top of the urethra, the prostate secretes prostatic fluid during ejaculations and various other hormones the rest of the time. Much like an inflatable cast can cause further damage to a broken bone through over inflation. A too-large prostate can constrict the urethra (making urination difficult), compress the bladder (increasing the need to urinate while reducing the bladder's effective capacity) and even cause pain during urination when the organic valves protecting the sensitive prostate tissue fail to keep the urine out.

There are many different possible causes of prostatic swelling, ranging from hormonal imbalance to cancer, and your husband would be very wise to get a health-care provider's opinion. For the time being, I will offer advice for the simplest problem.

Ladies' Fitness

Restoring your vaginal skin's sensitivity and elasticity requires hormonal re-balancing. Blasting high doses of the deficient hormones will only work while you take the pills, so your safest long-term bet is to repair the damage that decreases your body's ability to manufacture the hormones in the first place. (SEE: Natural Formula for Vaginal Restoration) This all-natural herbal supplement is designed to address that issue by increasing blood circulation to the relevant areas and encouraging the damaged nerves to fully repair themselves, which will also permit the hormone-generating glands to bring themselves back into shape.

Men's Repair Shop

For your husband, this all-natural herbal supplement will not only address the inflammation in his prostate, but through improving the circulation in his penis may also improve the hardness and stamina of his erections. (SEE: Urinary Incontinence and Prostate Health Control)

I also recommend that both of you keep your health-care provider informed of what you are taking, so that you have an expert's opinion on your ongoing progress.

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