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Excessive Masturbation: Clitoral or Collateral Damage?

This study is about one woman’s concern for her younger sister who is currently in high school and still a virgin. She masturbates quite often and experiences a sharp pain before orgasm. Her sister fears that she may have damaged her clitoris. Is this possible and how can this situation be remedied?

Case #: 509


It is the sharp pain I am experiencing that can indicate there is damage to the nerve endings of my clitoris. Clitoral stimulation has its good and bad points and there is much misinformation available, which only muddles my true understanding of the problem.

Finding the right information isn’t easy and may well depend on my seeking reliable sources. Many claim there is nothing wrong with clitoral stimulation, and in moderation, there certainly isn’t. Some experts believe however, that excessive masturbation, which is my problem, can be an issue because it can train my body to climax exclusively through the clitoris. Can someone out there help me?


Many young children of both sexes touch their genitals and it is considered a normal aspect of childhood development and exploration.

Touching is like show-and-tell except not in front of the class
It is also common for a teenager to stimulate his or her own genitals, between the ages of 12-18 and such actions are unlikely to cause any lasting damage. In one recent study, college students were asked to recall their experiences prior to puberty and almost 40% admitted to stimulating their own genitals.

Repetitive Sex Injury and Excessive Masturbation

Repetitive Sex Injury (RSI) is real enough as one case of a phone sex operator in Fort Lauderdale Florida attests. According to the Houston Chronicle, she actually filed a workers’ compensation claim back in 1999 and won on the grounds that she developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands from masturbating as many as seven times a day while speaking to callers.

Her argument was that she would masturbate during these conversations, which usually lasted about 15 minutes. Callers who asked for her by name were given 30 minutes. (What’s a poor working girl to do?)

Reversing clitoral insensitivity and learning to sort of smile once again

As crazy as it sounds, you may have to retrain your clitoris to regain its sensitivity. This does not entail choke collars or leashes or even sensitivity training and/ or obedience classes. Just cool it for a little while and refrain from masturbating. Try to refrain for two weeks and then see what happens.

If you still feel insensitivity and lack of sensation, you need more time.

Have fun doing other things and try not to focus on orgasm. Remember that’s only one small part of sexuality. Bonding as well as genuine intimacy are even more vital to a sustained relationship.

Talk to your family doctor if the situation doesn’t improve and if that doesn’t help, you might want to go the natural route. One herbal blend may help to increase vaginal sensitivity by promoting the secretion of female hormones.

Remember that excess in anything usually has its price.

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