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To Bust or Not to Bust–Regaining Control over Early Ejaculations

A man is unable to fully satisfy his girlfriend sexually because of his early ejaculation problems.What can he do to repair their sex life and also his control over his private parts?



I feel bad whenever I have sex and I don't last as long as I should.I have been told that this is normal but it's not normal to me.I'm a guy that likes to please and if I'm not able to last long enough to please her than I'm failing myself.Whenever I am having sex with my girlfriend I try to pleasure her as much as possible because I like to know that she's enjoying everything as much as I am.I don't ever last long and I hate that about myself.I want to know how I can last longer and fulfill what I believe in,being a pleaser.I'm tired of not being able to last long.


Jimmy considered himself a lady’s man.He was up to having around 3–4 dates per week and there was no sign of slowing down.There just couldn’t be;not with him.

Tonight’s date was a girl named Shelly whom he’d met at a shopping mall a few days earlier.After he’d razzle-dazzled her on the phone about first being an about-to-be famous actor(which was a lie,he worked at a retail store),he started in on how great his porking skills were.

Shelly met Jimmy by a bar close to her apartment,and after a few drinks they staggered back to her place.After some half-drunken tongue wrestling which resembled a couple of walruses slobbering over each other,they stripped down on her couch and play-time commenced.Shelly led him back into her bedroom evidently assuming that she was about to get it good.Jimmy thrusted his penis into her awaiting hot pocket and within 2 minutes had blown his load.

As a look of shock started to set in on Shelly’s face,Jimmy put his clothes back on almost in one quick movement and bolted out the door while chuckling.


While this scenario may sound pretty silly,I once knew a guy who was sort of like Jimmy.He told me that he liked to“get in there,bust,and get lost,”and laughed about it.When I asked him if he’d done anything about his premature ejaculation thing he responded with:“It’s not my problem,it’s theirs!”

While many men may not be as callous as these types,there are still lots of guys who don’t seek help because they’re embarrassed that they have premature ejaculation(or P.E.)issues.Even if they do seek help there can be many causes to consider;high stress,a thyroid disorder,ejaculation nerves misfiring,and even side-effects from prescription medication.

So how does one combat early climaxing?

A Simple,Natural Solution

Most guys aren’t like Jimmy;they would love to be able to get a woman off and enable her to have screaming orgasms(and some quivering legs).And nothing can spell disaster for a relationship more than a man not being able to keep his semen in check until his partner can reach at least one good climax,if not more.

Taking a potent herb called Astragalus Complanatus can help to get over this all too common issue.It contains a specialized fatty acid which can penetrate deep into a man’s ejaculation nervous system and calm it down.(TRY:Premature Ejaculation Relief with Astragalus)In this way,men can over time,regain the ability to climax when they want to.This potent botanical solution can even eliminate excessive pre-cum through strengthening the ejaculation valve.

So embark on a journey to a place where you are in control of your ejaculations once more;together we can take back this world from the“Jimmy’s”out there one-by-one!

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Fighting P.E.with Astragalus Complanatus

How taking products infused with Astragalus Complanatus can help win the war against premature ejaculation.

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