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Fall of the Penile Warrior – Penile Damage Resulting in Having a Softy

Here we find a gentleman who has been having great success with one of our prescribed techniques, but may have been “overdoing” it and in the process, is having problems getting it up. Let’s see how he can get back to the ways of hardness.

Case #: 1426


I have used the penile ballooning technique and I had success of getting my penis from 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches. I am scared I could have overdone it or something because while having sex my erections get lost. I lose my erections but I am glad that I am able to last a lot longer. Although I am able to last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes now I read that this technique can make you last up to 2 hours with a firm erection. Is there anything I can do to make my erections last longer and hard?


The great warrior men ancient times on through to the medieval times were men that most often lived on a razor’s edge. These men, whether conscripts or captains, barbarian pillagers or great samurai warriors, would live by the sword and died by the sword. They’d set out either to defend territory, or annex it for their lords or clan leaders, and on many an occasion would not return.

Swing That Sword

Some of these men, such as Tokugowa, Alexander the Great, and Hannibal, rose to the legendary heights of greatness, accelerating and blowing past the ranks due to their cunning, deviousness, tenacity, guile, and/or sheer lust for power. In any case, men such as these would enjoy the lion’s share of the spoils and that included as many of the finest women (and/or in some cases men) that their appetites could handle.

Although the modern man no longer has to carry around a sword and raid neighboring territories for his 9-to-5 boss (thank heavens), a metaphor for this can be found in a man being able to perform in the bedroom. His sword in this case would be his penis, and if he isn’t good with it, not only does his prospect for securing a woman rapidly decrease, but consequently so does his perceived ability to pro-created start to become seen as insufficient. Any deficiencies detected by women can cause them to react in an evolutionary sense and scatter.

While it’s great that you, like many Herbal Love readers, have experienced penile growth through our suggested ballooning technique, through too-rigorous movements you could have ruptured a few blood vessels, resulting in a venous leak. What this basically means is that your penis isn’t able to properly engorge with blood when it’s time for your sword to get fully hardened. Before your blood can reach your interconnected penile chambers which normally fill up and allow you to achieve a stiffy, it disperses, leaving you limpy and gimpy. So how can you overcome this potentially embarrassing issue?

Natural Sharpening Stone

Since you’ve probably “overdone it” as you astutely put it, if you still are, stop doing the ballooning technique for the time being; at least until your symptom is taken care of.

Taking a botanical tincture formula can help you recover in several ways. (TRY: Natural Formula for Fuller Longer Lasting Erections) Firstly, the specialized properties contained in these herbal mixtures can greatly increase your blood flow and circulation while simultaneously repairing any damaged penile tissues and veins. They can also help to repair any nerve endings that may have been damaged due to rigorous hand movements and excessive pressure on your penis, and boost your testosterone for a stronger desire for sex.

You’ve already witnessed some great results, now it’s time to take the next step and not lose all of the progress that you’ve made while also increasing your inner lust for pleasure.

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