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Marijuana relapse triggers his masturbation binge

His marijuana smoking has resulted in shortness of breath, chest pains, lung pains, and prostatitis.

Case #: 45111


I hate myself! I have been off of marijuana for 2 years. Last week while partying at friend’s house, I went back to try to smoke pot again. After that, I smoked and had masturbated for about 7 days in a row. I really messed up bad. Now, I have stopped and now I'm getting an extreme shortness of breath when lying down on my back for bedtime. I've been noticing a deterioration of focusing and memory, fasciculation, prostate infection or inflammation. When I wake up, I don’t have any erection in the morning for the last 3 days. Worse, my penis shrunk by an inch.


Marijuana abuse raises the level of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 in the body which can induce inflammation in brain arteries, constricting blood flow to the brain. These narrowed arteries require high blood pressure to pump blood up to your brain. Prostaglandin E2 can also loosen the brain-blood barrier and then increase the drug's penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid affecting your memory, concentration, and critical thinking power.

Marijuana chemicals are toxins, poisonous to healthy cells. Exposure to its chemicals can put your body in a state of "chemotherapy" that deadens your nerves, leading to sexual exhaustion. The brain's acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous functions are responsible for sustaining an erection during sex. The chemicals in marijuana gradually take over acetylcholine in the brain and nervous system, causing the brain and autonomonic nervous functions to become disordered. The neurotransmitter nitric oxide and dilator cGMP become suppressed, leading to a failure to achieve an erection or orgasm.

Basically, marijuana relapse weaken your mind and triggered your masturbation binge that lead to more dependence on marijuana and further masturbation abuse.
Once marijuana's chemicals take over the inter-neurons or synapses, it is very difficult to flush it from the brain and nervous system. After prolonged use, this scale of nervous system destruction can potentially lead to permanent impotence. In addition, a man may fail to achieve orgasm due to the acetylcholine deficiency in the sympathetic ganglions and adrenal medulla.

It is here where acetylcholine helps link the sympathetic nervous functions for the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine that triggers orgasmic contraction in the pelvic contractive fibers. Seminal production and testicular functions will gradually shut down. Then, ejaculation becomes less and less, and finally dries up. At that point, it will be too late for a man to revive his sexual life.

If you have inflammatory pains, disease or asthma, you must stop pot smoking immediately. In the meantime, take the herbs from Cannabis Detoxification For Poor Erection Recovery to help you recover from the side effects of marijuana abuse, leading to restored health and sexual function. It takes 2 or 3 months for these formulas to cleanse the liver, inter-neurons and synapses for those using marijuana.

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