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Gotu Your Happy Place

The house is silent, empty and full of excitement. Today has been a long, arduous day—full of stress and frustration. To relax, you decide to watch an old porno video or visit your favorite website. You scan the models and find your favorites. Now you’re relaxed. Now you’re ready to enjoy yourself. A few minutes go by, and you release all the pent up stress and frustration. You can breath easy now. You can focus. Hell, you can finally smile.

For most men, the above-scene occurs more often than not. The desire to release your sexual frustrations helps calm your mind. While masturbation can improve mood, done in excess, and it can cause your mood to deteriorate, leading to violent mood swings caused by sexual exhaustion.

Wait, Wait, Sex Is Exhausting?

Yes, sex is exhausting, really, really exhausting. During sex, a man produces and releases a slew of hormones to ignite the desire. Incessantly masturbating depletes the body of necessary hormones, e.g., dopamine and serotonin, needed to stabilize your mood. Once serotonin becomes depleted, you start to feel irked by minor occurrences.

The little girl singing a Justin Bieber song irritates you. Your co-workers voice makes you want to strangle her. Even the slow driver in front of you thrusts you into a violent rage filled with honking and swearing. All of this added aggression is thanks to not masturbating. Trivial nuances make you upset, but once you masturbate, you feel more relaxed. The little girl can sing all of Bieber’s greatest hits. Your co-worker’s voice begins to sound like a cross between Fergie and Jesus, and the elderly drive, is greeted with a warm wave and smile--rather than the finger.

Gotu Feel Happiness!

Men suffering from irritability due to over-masturbation may be suffering from sexual exhaustion. In this state, the depletion of hormones causes a sudden heighten sense of irritability. Men who feel agitated can benefit from Gotu Kola (Go-two Co-la). Gotu helps minimizes irritation by
Improving mood and making an individual feel refreshed
Regulating adrenal hormones keeping blood sugar levels balances
Managing stress levels to minimize irritability
Reducing the urge to masturbate that causes further exhaustion
If you notice that a lack of masturbation increases your irritability, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance. Feel happier today with Gotu Kola.

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