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Is It Just Me, Or Am I Getting Smaller?

Have you recently noticed that you seem to be coming up short in the bedroom? I hope you're ready to add that inch back on!
Case #:1917

I think there might be something weird going on with my package. I'm not really sure what happened, I haven't gained any weight or anything, but my penis seems to have shrunken a little. I've asked my wife several times if she's noticed anything, but she just brushes me off. I'm sure she's just trying not to hurt my feelings. Is there anything to be done about my missing inch?

As unfortunate as it may seem, we all age, and with age comes change. Over time, studies have shown us that the average man over the age of 70 will tend to lose and inch, to two inches of penile length. This kind of thing occurs because of the dropping levels of hormones and nutrients that are essential in order to maintain a consistent size of tissue.
Time To Pump You Up

As you mentioned above, men also tend to lose some length when they gain weight. As fat collects in the area of the lower abdomen the size of the penis will become altered. Fortunately, both styles of penile shrinkage is easily treatable via natural supplements and herbal remedies.
There are at least two major factors involved in any type of penis shrinkage. The first would be an abnormally slow deposit of fatty substances, or plaques within the very small arteries in the penis. These plaque-clogged arteries causes blood flow impairment to the organ in question. This process is very similar to the factors that contribute to a blockage inside the coronary arteries, which is the leading cause of heart attack.
In The Same Boat

While this may feel like an embarrassing ordeal to have to go through, you should remember that your wife will probably go through something very similar. In addition to the big change, a woman's body also has the ability to stretch and skew throughout a lifetime.
Many women will lose an entire cup size in the bra department for no other reason, other than the fact that they are growing older. And believe it or not, those are actually the lucky ones! The majority of women will have to deal with sagging breasts, instead of shrinking ones.
You should take comfort in the fact that these kinds of things happen to the best of us. You are in no way alone in this.
How To Fix It

As I mentioned before, penile shrinkage is reversible. In order to gain back those lost inches, I would definitely suggest utilizing an herbal remedy that includes ingredients such as Maca, Deer Antler, Panax Ginseng, Fo Ti, and Cnidium. (TRY: Penile Size Reduction Recovery Formula) These natural herbs will work together to repair any damage that has caused the tissue to deteriorate over time. They will also increase nitric oxide production for a stronger erection, stimulate better blood circulation, and increase important male hormones such as testosterone.

What to do

Advanced Botanical Penis Size Recovery & Enhancement
Between the ages of 30 and 70, men will lose an inch from their height. But that’s not the only size decrease, no, according to studies, men past the age of 70 will lose an inch or two in erectile length.

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