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Bolster Your Endurance—Fight Pre-cum and Premature Ejaculation

He beat Prostatits but he continues to suffer from premature ejaculations caused by high concentrations of pre-cum.

Case #: 29757


I’m a nervous guy. I tend to freak out about small, insignificant issues in my personal life. My habits have caused a great deal of damage on my sex life too. At first, I found myself a bit anxious during sex. I spent weeks with my partner trying to calm my body to improve my endurance. I saw massive improvement, but now, I fear I am venturing down the same path.

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with Prostatitis. I was cured of the condition within a few weeks, but ever since, I have noticed excessive pre-cum leaking from my penis. All this added lubrication makes me ejaculate way too quickly. My quick ejaculations make it difficult for my partner to enjoy sex. What can I do to minimize the pre-cum and improve my endurance once again?


Pre-cum is a necessary lubrication produced by the body to prepare the penis for an ejaculation. Pre-cum makes it easier for the penis to glide back and forth once inside the vagina as well.

Without pre-cum, you would spend a much longer time trying to ejaculate, while causing your partner moderate pain with a dry penis. Despite its uses, excessive pre-cum can be a source for premature ejaculation. As a man, your premature ejaculation can cause a slew of problems for you and your partner.

Who Turned On The Faucet?

Pre-cum, especially in excess, can occur due to abrasions caused by over-masturbation. The abrasions irritate the urethra nerves. The irritation of the urethral nerves will stimulate the bulbourethral glands (or known as Cowper's glands) to produce excessive pre-cum in an attempt to cleanse the urethra.

Once an excess of pre-cum is released, your penis will feel the heightened sensation and ejaculate. Because pre-cum contains both prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) and prostaglandin E-2 (PGE-2) the excess release of PGE-1 will cause a weak erection while loss of PGE-2 will produce premature ejaculation.

Faucet Off!

Minimizing the effects of pre-cum will require that you take a break from all sexual activity.

That means no porn. No masturbation. No sex. Your body needs to repair the damaged nerves, and it can only do so with adequate rest. Next, the body will require essential nutrients to help repair the nerve.

All-natural supplements (SEE: Calm Pills For PE) can provide the necessary nutrients needed to heal the bulbourethral glands and urethra nerves from leaking so much pre-cum.

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